My 34th year sure was an interesting 12 months. Those months have led to many changes for this next birthday year. There were milestones and life changes and this is only to continue on for the next 12 months! Here is my special list of 35 things to do or focus on for my 35th year:

  1. Celebrate our 6th wedding anniversary in July. We did so with a trip to Udaipur, Rajastan-the land of kings and romance! Honestly, it was tense time some of the trip due to other things going on but an amazing trip nevertheless. Great destination.  
  2. Enjoy my sister’s visit to India. One of my sisters came and spent a month with us in India. We had a blast and made wonderful memories. It was a bonding time we will never forget and may never have again. 
  3. Prepare for the new baby! I will admit I did not really start thinking about baby until month 8. However, as of September 19th I have a bed for baby, a dresser, a car seat (all of these thanks to generous family members), and will be having a baby shower on September 24th. After that I will purchase any outstanding items the first week of October and be ready to welcome this little kidlet. Okay…baby shower provided most things I needed and I topped off the rest. No time to mentally or physically prepare as I was in pain which distracted me and an emergency c section led to the baby coming earlier than expected. 
  4. Enjoy the wedding in our family (may be the last one in the immediate family!). Super hard to enjoy this wedding due to all kinds of endless family dramas and the awful pregnancy related nerve pain that hit me hard the week of the wedding. 
  5. Get through the last half of the pregnancy. Am past half way at 25 weeks and am sooo done! My due date was moved up a few weeks in late Aug to Oct 28th…yahoo! As of mid-September the due date is in dispute and may be moved back to November. Since, at this stage, dating is not accurate, they are just going to monitor me every few weeks. Since month 7 this pregnancy has been tough due to back and leg issues. Third trimester has also sucked so far…but counting down the weeks! As of January 2018 I am looking back and can say I managed to get through it! Now it does not seem so bad but it was hell then! 
  6. Take lots of photos as this will be a special time. In progress. 
  7. Check out India while I still live hereHad the chance to explore Delhi well, check out Udaipur, Mumbai, Chandigarh, and Bangalore so far. 
  8. Enjoy my baby shower. Had a great time at my baby shower. Felt a lot of love all around and a connection with many other women. 
  9. Keep credit card debt to less than $3,500 at all times.  Done
  10. Support my husband with his goals and dreams. We have put down a payment on a flat in his home city which was one of his ultimate goals. Helped him find a new higher paying job in August. 
  11. Enjoy October-my favourite month-back in North America. It was a bit hard to do as I had chronic pain the whole month and then was hospitalized in the end but maybe next year! 
  12. Eliminate the 2011 debt I have been carrying. Done August 2017. 
  13. Have a baby! Done on October 28th! Wow-what a journey. 
  14. Increase emergency savings from $500 to $1,000 and leave it be for an actual emergency. Exceeded!
  15. Make this Christmas a good oneIt was one of the most low key but nice Christmasses we ever had. Maybe having no expectations is a good thing! Also, I did not try to make it special and others stepped in. Maybe this is the way to go!
  16. Enjoy maternity leave. It has been a bit hard to enjoy 4 months in as I find I get a bit bored. Hoping things will improve as spring arrives. Now it is month 7 and things are much better as the weather is better and I found some things for myself to focus on. 
  17. Finally settle my accident issues with the insurance company and use the funds wisely. Finally this was settled in September. Am using the funds very wisely so far. 
  18. Keep writing this blog. I have seen many people quit after having a baby. Writing regularly. 
  19. Celebrate my husband turning 31 in February. Did a fab Greek dinner for him. 
  20. Take a vacation of some sort. Took a few trips in India and a roadtrip to Oregon. 
  21. Start thinking about what I want next in my career now that a child is in the mix. As of April, my baby is 5 months old. For a while I thought I would never want to work again as I just wanted to be with my baby but things are more balanced. I am ready to go back to work at my same position but decided I will be on the lookout for other exciting opportunities as well. 
  22. Enjoy life with my husband-especially after learning how much better it is with him. I have really started appreciating this man much more and try to enjoy the everyday moments with him. 
  23. After baby and a few months break…start thinking about getting in shape. Am on it and weigh less as of end of April than before I was pregnant. Next goal for the next list is to get to my wedding weight. As of May I am trying to lose 10 lbs. 
  24. Celebrate turning 36 in June 2018. Did not do this as my father passed a few weeks prior. 
  25. Do ten new things big or small. 1). Visited new cities in India. 2). Experienced pregnancy. 3). Experienced life on crutches and chronic pain and developed a lot of empathy for those with such issues. 4). Bought first property with husband. 5). Had a c section and had a baby! 6). Cooked a Greek meal from scratch. 7). Planted a flower garden. 8). Became a chiropractor believer. 9). Raising a child for the first time. 10). Went for a few laps around our local lake (never been to this one). 11). Experiencing parental leave and life depending on gov’t funds. 12). Went to a party put on by an embassy. 13). Went atv-ing in sand dunes! 14). Tried some famous doughnuts. 
  26. Enjoy nature more. I did this until the back and leg issues started. Hoping to pick it up in spring once the weather is good and baby is out! As of May I am getting out much more and loving it. We are lucky to live in so beautiful a world. in
  27. Update my smart phoneGot a new one August 2017.
  28. After a year off, start my garden again! As of March I converted one of my beds into a flower garden and prepared a new on to replace it using the no-dig cardboard method! Other beds are ready for planting in April. As of May my garden is all planted. Looking forward to seeing stuff grow soon. 
  29. Enjoy the newborn baby time for the first 6 months! It is April and my baby is 6 months! He has changed a lot in that time. First he could barely open his eyes and seemed so fragile. Now he is screeching, trying to crawl, and laughing and smiling. So cute. I thought I would never say it but am open to number 2!
  30. Host a dinner party. Did so when made a Greek meal for the husband’s bday.
  31. Bake a fancy cake. Made a yummy carrot walnut cake with cream cheese frosting in April…and ate most of it myself!
  32. Make time for myself. I have had more than enough time for myself while on maternity leave and am even ready to go back to work early. I realize I am happiest while busy and with many things going on but I also need some personal goals to focus on that are all about me. 
  33. Connect with friends. Got to enjoy some time with my friends either out to dinner, going for walks, or just on the phone if they lived abroad. 
  34. After baby, have at least 3 really great date nights before the end of June. Done on a monthly basis!
  35. Be positive, grateful, and full of love. I had a hard time with this one as being content was difficult. First, due to all the pain related to the pregnancy and then due to bordeom and feeling a bit useless during mat leave. Hope to improve in the future.