33Hello world! I am now 33. I think this will be a magical year…the year of double threes and a lot of accomplishment! So, I will have to step up my list, push, and challenge myself a bit more this year as well as enjoy life and all the simple pleasures. Isn’t that what it is all about? Here is my list for July 2015-June 2016:

  1. Buy birthday gifts for my family members. This has been an easy one.
  2. Try or experience 5 new things. 1). On our mountain vacation we climbed a glacier and visited hoodoos. 2). Am trying out composting. 3). Tried to cook sweet potato sage gnocchi and it was horrible. 4). Made buttercream frosting. 5). Experienced a surgery for the first time and true concern about my health and well being. 6). Job a flower shop! 7). Container gardening. 
  3. Book in more “dates” with my spouse for pure fun. Started with a vacation just the 2 of us. We made time for Halloween fun by visiting a haunted house and pumpkin patch together (and he delayed a work job so he could attend our own party). Before his first long haul drive we had a special movie date. I joined him on the road for one of his jobs. He took off two weeks at the end of the year to be with me for the holidays. In February he got a local job and life returned to normal with lots of movies, dinners out, and special events such as our dinner party for visitors from his country. As of April we regularly have a date night or two a month. In June we had a lot of one to one evenings. Hubby also made my bday special. 
  4. Treat myself in small ways-I bought myself a gorgeous smelling hyacinth to enjoy at work and one for home too. Occasionally I buy my favourite chocolate. Booked myself in for an expensive spa appointment but realize I like the clinical-type ones better. Went shopping in June and bought a few things I like.
  5. Keep on reading novelsSee my in year posts for details on all the wonderful books I read this year. 
  6. Help my husband with starting his citizenship application process once he is eligible. He is now eligible but needs to pass an English test. I booked him in but he was one point short. Looks like this will go on the list for next year. 
  7. Enjoy a few professional massages through my benefit plan. This was easier than expected since my doctor recommended this as part of my treatment after my car accident. My husband is also on my benefit plan and has enjoyed a few as well. As of June, still regularly getting a massage. 
  8. Connect with my father more. I got him set up with some computer classes to start as I can see his retirement is boring him. I had a long talk with him on the drive to the airport about his life. I took him shopping and out for lunch around Christmas. I arranged for my siblings to pitch in to buy him a new bed for Christmas as his current one is 20 years old. 
  9. Enjoy my vacation time whether that means going on a trip, a local excursion, or just hanging out at home!-In 2015 we definitely did this by going to the Canadian Rockies in July/August. We made the most of every moment. Also booked off all sorts of random days to relax during 2015. Had a stay at home month off in December which really made me reflect on life and how it is not all about work. Joined my husband on the road for a week to see what his new job is like. Jan-June 2016: Had lots of extra banked hours so took off time here and there. Have extended most long weekends by adding a vacation day to them. That is it. 
  10. Take a look at my career (it will be 3 years at the same organization) and decide my next steps whether that means diversifying my portfolio, taking on some professional development, or looking for a new position entirely. A job interview in November elsewhere had me really reflect on this and come to the realization I want to stay where I am. I also chatted with my boss about the future at the organization and she let me know big changes are on the way in the organization that will help. As of April I have received a raise and will see a change in portfolio this fiscal year. Am very content to stay on at this organization. Also, took on a fun job a flower shop that may lead to a future franchise. In May I came across a posting for a dream job which I may not get but now I realize I want to keep an eye on such postings. 
  11. Help my husband take a look at his career. Interestingly enough, this came up on its own when my husband decided to pursue a commercial driving license in August 2015. I helped him pass the knowledge tests and as of October he had his first new job in the field. After that, I helped him experiment to find the right job in the industry (he tried occasional work, long haul work, and has now settled on short haul local work). He now makes more than I do but unfortunately works many more hours. He is satisfied for now. I suspect in the next year or two he may want to buy his own truck.  
  12. Keep improving the back yard space with at least two more improvements for the area. The major improvement being worked on as of August has been a second raised garden bed and the development of a compost pile. We also had cement paths put in as of October. As of April I have been cutting the lawn, getting the garden beds ready, and we planted a new apple, cherry, and beech tree. As of June, we have many things growing in the back and bought a weed wacker!
  13. Enjoy the rest of the year by taking off a lot of random work days. I booked off random days each month from September-November 2015. In 2016 so far I have added vacation days on to long weekends so I can maximize days away from the office. Also, when I work overtime and have banked time, I take off a day or leave work early or come in late which is also nice.  
  14. Grow vegetables and flowers. I have planted flowers along the walkway and am growing lots of veggies in my garden plot. As of August I have been enjoying lots of tomatoes, cucumbers, and herbs. In September I bought a butterfly bush to plant between the 2 garden beds. By end of November the garden had wrapped up and produced many yummy things. 2016-As of Feb I have purchased seeds and started seedlings indoor. As of April I have onions and carrots planted in the garden bed and started a bit of a container garden which is currently planted with seeds for basil, oregano, cilantro, and peas. As of May more things are planted in the garden beds (peppers, zucchini, cucumbers, strawberries, herbs) and I have planted sunflowers along my walkway which I hope will grow tall and be lovely. In addition, in honour of my sweet dog who passed in April, I planted two blue hydrangea bushes along the walkway which I hope will prosper and be a beautiful reminder of a beautiful spirit. As of June many flowers growing as well as peas. 
  15. Make sure the garden is improved for 2016. Based on last year I now know how to plant things that need a lot of space. I also started indoor seedlings to get a jump on the season. I dug up a plot of earth as well on the other side of the yard where I planted 3 rows of corn and plan to also plant pumpkins. As of June my combo of containers and beds and direct planting into the ground seems to be working well. 
  16. Have some Halloween fun! We started early in October and have gone to a haunted house, a pumpkin patch, and have decorated by October 25th. We hosted a little event at our house on the 31st.  
  17. Organize another raksha bandhan lunch or event for the siblings. Major wind storm this day knocked out power and our lunch was delayed to very late but we still made it happen. 
  18. Make the winter holidays great whether we have a family Christmas again or decide to take a trip and ignore it allI did my best to make this holiday special but it felt a bit depressing to me overall. 
  19. Make sure NYE is fun for once!– EPIC fail. Everyone bailed on us and we ended up watching tv and going to bed early. Was okay though. 
  20. Celebrate our 4 year anniversary. We decided not to worry with much of a celebration on the actual day, due to work issues, but took a nice trip in August just the two of us. 
  21. Plan for the 5th year anniversary as it happens quickly after the June 30th deadline. Make sure we mark this occasion properly. So far I have made sure I have booked time off work in order to enjoy this occasion. 
  22. Take on a DIY project of some sort. Decided to start making compost! 
  23. Go to the dentist at least once in the year. I sent my husband in Jan 2016 but as of now still have to book myself in. Not going to complete this one! 
  24. Connect with friends more often. Connected online with a friend in California and plan to be in touch more often. She then came for a visit for other reasons and we had lunch. Connected with friend visiting from Asia while she was here and we use whatsapp to be in more regular touch. Made time to meet friends with kids for coffee and friends with partners but no kids for dinner. Cooked dinner for some of my husband’s friends who we have promised to connect with but never did. Back in touch with an old friend going through a hard time. Spent the day with one of my best friends one to one after a long time rarely seeing each other.  
  25. Write some sort of fiction.
  26. Get better from the horrible car accidentBeen trying to work on this by seeing a chiro, then getting massages, and also going to physiotherapy. As of Feb-still plugging away but shocked at how much time it takes. As of April I have finished all treatments listed above and am now referred to active rehabilitation. As of June it has been one year but still some soreness and pain. A few massages and rehab sessions left. After that, it will just take time. 
  27. Find a way to make more money; diversify my income. This worked out by itself since I happened to get a raise and also pick up a second part time job by chance. 
  28. Plan for an addition to the family. Since I will be 34 next June this needs to be thought about. This Christmas I  decided sooner is probably better. As of February we decided to no longer use contraception. As of March I have had a miscarriage within a week or two of conceiving.  As of May I am on iron pills due to the blood loss and taking pre-natal vitamins but in no rush to start trying again…so will probably wait til the end of June in order to get my iron levels up. As of June we are not trying as I want to get my iron and vitamin content up. 
  29. Appreciate my team at work; be a good boss. Organized a contest for staff in winter to inspire them. Let them take all the sick time they need with no hassles. Do not micro-manage but am supportive. Am holding an appreciation/team building lunch in May. Based on feedback and general feeling and comments from other managers who have received feedback about me, I am a pretty good boss and all the staff enjoy working with me. 
  30. Incorporate healthier foods into my diet. Have jumped back onto my LOSE IT app as of April to better track nutrition. Started taking pre-natal vitamins. Eating more salads. Buying better things from the grocery store. More breakfasts. 
  31. Get more physically active throughout the year. Took the dog and spouse on our annual hike. Gardening and mowing the lawn. Active rehab sessions in May are basically workouts. Gone swimming a few times and learned aqua aerobics. 
  32. Start writing letters to my niece and nephew. Starting with a Halloween card but when they sold their house they have kept moving around and will be moving to Ireland this summer. Will wait til then to resume. 
  33. Enjoy/learn from all new experiences-even the negative ones. This line relates to keeping a great attitude.

End of June 2016 comments: I generally did everything that was on my list (except go to the dentist!). I enjoy having some of the simple things on the list but also think I need to challenge myself further next year. If I do not push myself, I will not accomplish a thing!


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