I am 32 now! The last few years have been up and down at times but this year I want to ensure I make a lot more progress than I have in years past so my list of 32 things to do this year is very important in helping me with this-as well as keeping some things light! Here it is:

  1. Create an emergency fund-even if it is small. I have a small amount set aside that will slowly grow. 
  2. Take a short trip/excursion with one or both of my parents or do a different activity together. Moving home has basically been like taking a journey together! At least every few days we cook together, watch tv, shop etc. It has definitely been an opportunity to reconnect.
  3. Get a check up with the doctor.
  4. Go to the dentist since I have avoided it for a year already. Done in October.
  5. Make chocolate covered strawberries.
  6. Purchase a new laptop since mine is dying is not going to happen as I am using my husband’s laptop so changed to improve my new office space  and purchase new tires for my car.My new office I have made my own by putting up some of my own art as well as placing my bobble-head husband on my desk. 
  7. Decrease debt and keep it off. Have been doing this!
  8. Let my husband plan the vacation this year…the winter version.
  9. Lose 15 lbs. Seriously.By end of September I only have 8 more to go! By Feb 16th, I have 9 more to go. By March 3rd I have 7 more to go. By March 31 I have 6 more to go. My niece and nephew derailed my plans a bit but I only had 3 more to go. I count it as a success but plan to carry this over to my next list. 
  10. Take a random day off during the week at least 5 times this year. – 5 done by Oct 31
  11. Continue to learn Spanish. In progress all year-with some breaks-through online learning, CD in my car, and an app on the phone. 
  12. Pay off my car loan and then re-direct payments to my credit card debt. Car is paid off! Now I will pay off other debts. 
  13. Accept that Christmas and New Years holidays may not be that great but make the best of it and try to enjoy. My expectations for Christmas holidays were exceeded but it required taking things into my own hands. 
  14. Go swimming and go skating at least once this year but I am taking off the skating and changing it to hiking.
  15. Get extra funds taken off my pay-cheques to ensure I do not owe tax money. I filled in the paperwork. Done!
  16. Participate in a charity run/walk. Not likely to happen by June so changed to work on improving the backyard with a minimum of at least two nice changes by June. I made many backyard improvements. 
  17. Ditch my old school simple mobile phone and upgrade to a smart phone at some point.
  18. Carve out some quality time with my siblings. So far have done so by organizing a Raksha Bandhan lunch, inviting them over for a Georgian dinner in the summer, hanging with one of my sister’s all day on a nice weekend, going to Vegas with my sister, riling up the family for Christmas and organizing the festivities, inviting all to celebrate my husband’s birthday, inviting my sister out to tea at her favourite cupcake/tea shop, and much more. 
  19. Meet my gal pals more regularly-and reconnect with the less close ones here and there. Have been doing so! 
  20. De-clutter regularly and do a major house clean up/organization session. My husband and I did this one together and even more so during moving!
  21. Celebrate holidays and mark the special moments.Been on top of this!
  22. Wake up earlier and eat breakfast more often.
  23. Surprise my husband with something. He was very surprised by his bobblehead figure. 
  24. Make sure there is time to read novels, write this blog, and take photographs of regular life. Have been on top of this one.
  25. Enjoy a little trip/excursion. Did this by enjoying our winter cabin vacation!
  26. Treat my staff well and show that I appreciate them more often. Did so by throwing one a baby shower, giving them gifts and personal cards at Christmas, and taking time to give praise and feedback. 
  27. Try 3 new things.-1 down (segwaying), room escape in November, winter cabin vacation! 
  28. Grow something.Hello, herb garden! 
  29. Have something to look forward to each month. Never a problem! 
  30. Purchase some cute new undergarments since last year I upgraded everything else.
  31. Be cheap-in a good way! Get some deals, get more for your money, and save the rest. All of July was dedicated to this. More to come!
  32. Cook/host a nice dinner for others

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