I started this blog near my 30th birthday with a list of 30 things for my 30th year. I liked the list (even with edits!) so decided to create a whole page/section for the list. This way, I can always update the list here rather than needing to find the right post to update. So, here is my current list as of December 2013 for my 31st year (with edits!):

  1. Decrease debt
  2. Save some money in a special fund for a special purpose
  3. 10 new items of clothing
  4. Vacation
  5. Horseback riding CHANGED TO a fun adventure activity
  6. Celebrate our two year anniversary
  7. More physically active
  8. Job planning for the year
  9. Have a great New Year CHANGED TO keep an eye out for career advancement opportunities
  10. Continue reading
  11. Stay-cation days
  12. Drive In movie theatre visit
  13. Monitor and improve health
  14. More contact with niece and nephew
  15. Keep up blog one more year
  16. Visit one local attraction
  17. Have a nice Christmas-due to total failure CHANGED TO have something to look forward to each month
  18. Lose 12 lbs
  19. Continue taking many photographs
  20. Declutter
  21. Visit zoo or conservation centre
  22. Mini-trip
  23. Throw a party or host a get together (husband’s bday?)
  24. Make cheesecake from scratch
  25. Help husband with his career planning
  26. More fun with sisters or family-too much drama in last while so CHANGED TO splurge on something nice for myself
  27. Start learning a bit of Spanish or French
  28. Develop and display more photographs as of Aug 8th this is Launch the mystery venture which is impossible at this point so CHANGED TO send husband’s family gifts
  29. Do a hands on project-for example sanding and painting piece of furniture
  30. Be more positive and focus on present.
  31. Go boating.

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