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Weekend getaway to Udaipur…


Typical Rajastani style art

I have been much busier at work recently. In the last while I was invited to a few networking events (based around embassy balls and receptions for the most part) and they were great. You get to dress up and party for a night…and hand out your business card like crazy. Unfortunately, due to the pregnancy, I cannot drink. How I miss my pinot noir!

The famous City Palace. Great museum in there.

With all the socializing and extra hours put in technically “for work” I decided it was time for a much needed weekend getaway. Also, it was anniversary time so my husband and I (plus my visiting sister) did a scan of India weather at the top getaway spots (since weather can make or break a trip here) and decided to fly over to Udaipur in Rajastan. This is a place I have always wanted to go.

At Jag Mandir-a gorgeous property-in the middle of the lake.

The flight from Delhi was super quick-about an hour and five minutes-but there was traffic on the tarmac. The return flight is an hour and twenty minutes and there were all kinds of delays. It would have been a very cheap flight but we booked last minute so costs went up. Udaipur is just gorgeous. It is the land of lakes and kings and is considered the most romantic city in India-the Venice of the East. I totally understand why! It is probably one of the most fabulous places I have ever been.

The city is full of gorgeous old palaces that were built by Rajput kings starting in the 16th century near man made lakes. Many have been restored and operate as hotels. There is far too much to see in just three days but we mapped out our main desires and made sure to make them happen so that everyone was a happy camper.

We visited the City Palace (must see!), took a lake cruise, had a fancy dinner at the famous Oberoi to celebrate the anniversary, had a few delicious lakeside lunches including one at a questionable establishment (but it turned out to be the yummiest and the cheapest!), saw a local live performance featuring folk dances and arts, took a camel ride, visited the famous Jagdish mandir, and got in some shopping. Totally ideal trip-a mix of everything.

Our hotel, just at the edge of town, was not an expensive luxury hotel but was very comfortable, well located, had great wifi, and had a nice breakfast which got us started in the morning. Uber worked in Udaipur and there were plenty of autos available as well. You do have to do some harder negotiating with the drivers as they-and shop keepers-are used to tourists and will inflate prices A LOT!

We had an incredible time and I highly recommend it to anyone visiting India. Thus far, it is my favourite place so far!

Lake Palace Hotel-once a palace-where the James Bond film OCTOPUSSY was made.