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Main characters from the show

Çalıkuşu means wren or lovebird and is the name of the silly Turkish drama based on a novel I cannot get enough of this last while. There is only one season (but more than 70 episodes within it!) and I am not half way through yet. I know the show gets cancelled so will leave me hanging in the end but am still enjoying watching it. I love Istanbul and, though this is 1920s Istanbul, its neat to watch.

Anytime I am cooking or folding laundry lately, this show is on although it will probably take all summer to watch since each episode is super long. If you like foreign historical dramas with some romance and family politics in them, then this series is for you! Enjoy!


My summer tv show obsession…

Some of the cast

Some of the cast

Since we are on a budget as we try to bring down our debt, we have had to find some inexpensive entertainment to keep us busy this summer. For me, that has meant watching a new tv series. Some days this season have been scorching hot and I have had no desire to step outdoors…this is when this tv series came in handy! Also, I would catch up on an episode or two in the evenings or as I folded laundry or did other tasks.

The tv series I have been watching all this summer has been Mr. Selfridge. It is a British series (only 4 seasons with 10 episodes per season) and is about the Selfridge family that opened up the famous department store in London in the early 1900s and the lives of the employees that worked there. It has been very entertaining! There is a lot of attention to detail, gorgeous costumes, various plot lines, and the story does sweep you away to a different time and place which is the true sign of a well done show. I only have a few episodes left and do not want to see it come to an end but have to admit it is nice to watch a whole series one season after the next without having to wait a year in between! Makes you appreciate the characters much more.

The real Mr. Selfridge (an American) ended up penniless. Am sure the show is going to end like that as well in order to stay true but it is very sad. The original store still exists in London and has been bought by a Canadian. I never would have thought of it but this show has definitely made me want to go and visit the next time I am in London! Anyway, if you are looking for a good show, this one is recommended!

TV time…


A few days ago I was chatting with an acquaintance about tv shows. We both learned we enjoy many of the same shows and agreed that there are plenty of fabulous and intellectual shows out there that we love but sometimes you just want to watch some nonsense! The last while, I have been coming home exhausted after extra long hours at work and just wanting to chill out and forget things. Although I love movies, I like television series much better as you get to “know” the characters much better. On these tired days, there is nothing better than streaming some entertainment online.

This post I want to dedicate so some of my favourite tv shows-reality or not-that I have been watching the last few years. I cannot list them all or go too far back (remember Xena Warrior Princess?) so will keep it fairly recent. Here they are in no particular order:

  • The Good Wife-who doesn’t love this show about a female lawyer with a politician husband in Chicago? The last few seasons have had some major twists and turns.
  • walkingdeadamcThe Walking Dead-I have mentioned this zombie show on this blog often. My husband and I enjoy watching it together so it has a special place in my heart…it can get a bit depressing at times though. I do enjoy some of the moral dilemma situations. It also reminds me that we all need basic survival skills because anything can happen.
  • The Real Housewives of….I can admit that I really enjoy all the versions of this franchise! It can be stupid but I think every woman can relate to at least a few episodes depending upon what the characters are going through. I love the reunions that try to hold them a bit accountable. Also interesting to see how life changes as you get rich and famous. I do like the Atlanta version the best. Melbourne and Vancouver were a bit off-perhaps this kind of thing only works in the US.
  • Ladies of London-There was only one season of this show and it is mostly about Americans! It was enjoyable to see parts of London, though!
  • Scandal-again, this is a favourite with a lot of people. It is all about White House politics and White House romance. I know I have had some popcorn and wine Olivia Pope dinners myself while catching up on this one. Personally, I think she should go for Jake Ballard and be done with it.
  • supernaturalbannerSupernatural-my friend gave me a few DVD seasons to watch a few years ago and since then I have been hooked. This ghost/monster/angel/demon show started off as cheap thrills but got much better as the seasons extended and extended and extended. No end in site for this show thanks to very loyal fans and I am glad for it. I usually binge watch it summer nights until I cannot sleep for fear of vampires, ghosts, demons, myths, and legends.
  • Game of Thrones-I hate that there are so few episodes and one has to wait a year to find out what happens next! But, I usually wait until a few episodes are released before watching it all at once. Looking forward to the dragons making some waves.
  • Sharktank1Dragons Den and Shark Tank-These shows are in the UK, Canada, and US and are all about investors investing in businesses. I cannot get enough of them. My favourite quote is from Kevin O’Leary who said a business was a “howling dog from hell” and the owner needs to rid of it pronto. It made me laugh til I cried. The true life success stories are very inspiring.
  • The Apprentice- I have to say I almost always learn something from this show-celebrity version or not-so I enjoy watching it. Trump, I noticed, does a great job in speaking highly of all participants-even the nightmare ones. Also interesting to see which businesses want to come on board for this program.
  • The Indian Doctor-This BBC series is about an Indian doctor who comes to practice medicine in a small coal mining town in Wales in the 1960s. There are only 5 episodes per season but they are well done and entertaining. Lots of character development. I had to get this one on special order due to it not being easily available online.
  • downton_abbeyDownton Abbey-Love all the character development and the Christmas specials. All the 1920s fashion and style etc is also so visually pleasing.
  • Orange is the New Black-Prison shows are always interesting. I know this one made me wonder how I would cope in jail! Lots of funny things in this one as well.
  • Nashville-I watched this show randomly one day and was hooked. What great music! Good drama too with a range of characters…although they are all getting to be a bit much with the partner swapping now.
  • Newlyweds: The First Year-So far there has only been one season that followed 4 newly married vary different couples through their first year of marriage. Next season is on air now. A good look at marriage and all it entails-the highs and low. No one likes to talk about the lows! Everyone who needs to see the grass is not always greener should take a look.

There are also some honorable mention shows that I cannot say I love (some I have abandoned and will pick up later) and others I just have not caught up on or make as much of a priority to watch. These are:

  • Breaking Bad-I gotta get back on this one. I just cannot remember which season I left off on due to an international move.
  • Mad Men-ditto!
  • House of Cards-I started watching this and it was pretty good but will pick it up in the summer when there is not much else going on in tv land.
  • Anything Anthony Bourdain… I may neglect these food slash travel shows but I catch up at some point. Always interesting and entertaining stuff.
  • Shahs of Sunset - Season 2Vanderpump Rules-As you watch this show you can feel your IQ dropping but this trashy scandalous show is a bit of a companion show to the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and is great for when you want something just terribly mindless. I mean how often do these men lie about cheating and then get ratted out by their besties? The drama is like a train crash-you just cannot look away.
  • Shahs of Sunset-this show about successful Persian Americans living in Beverly Hills is great in that it highlights an ethnic minority but these folks are really full on Americans! The episodes that recount a trip to Turkey say it all. They are also a bit… crazy. However, the over the top antics of these 40+ year olds is definitely entertaining.
  • American Horror Story-This can be hit and miss but usually it is creep-fabulous. I especially enjoyed the witch season that took place in New Orleans-a lovely city.
  • truebloodposterTrue Blood-although I felt it got so silly that I had to take a break for a few years, I did come back to it to finish up the whole show. I enjoyed the feel of the show and the small Louisiana town. Was sad when it wrapped up. Still love that theme song!
  • The Sopranos-This one was a good one. Enough said.

Well, I am sure I could go on and on but these are the ones that come to mind at this point. All of them are great when you want to escape your own world. Any suggestions to add to my must watch list this summer?