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June 2017: Things to look forward to…


One of my usually busiest months of the year is here! Usually it is full of birthday celebrations for myself and siblings, father’s day, anniversaries, and a birthday for my niece. This year I am away from home and family so things will be a bit different. However, I still have many things to look forward to. Here they are:

  • Connecting with my BFF. Despite the fact we are now both in the same country, I was not able to connect with my dear friend last month as she is in another area and had commitments there all of May. I am hoping to catch up with her in June.
  • Getting more comfortable at work. Work was a bit of a rocky start but I am looking forward to becoming more comfortable with it and digging in a bit deeper.
  • Birthday! I am turning 35 and need to treat myself to something fabulous. What? Not quite sure yet.
  • Getting paid three times this month! It is one of those odd months in which I get paid three times instead of the usual two. Am hoping to save some of this extra money.
  • Baby news. As the weeks progress I am looking forward to learning more about the baby.
  • Exploring the area. I hope to continue to explore the region.

June 2016: Things to look forward to…


June-coloring-page-w-frog-filled-in-e1337966724457It is 7:45 am on the first of June. After a few sunny days, it will be raining today. I do not mind as my garden will get a nice watering which is always welcome. Also, it will be nice and sunny again by the weekend. June is always a busy month in my household so there is a lot to look forward to. Here is just a sample:

  • A few posts ago I mentioned I applied for 2 international jobs. Well, they have closed and this month I will find out if I have a shot at them. If so, many changes. If not, I will at least know and can plan for and pursue another path. Being in limbo is the worst and I look forward to knowing what is next. All routes are exciting.
  • Great weather and garden progress! I have not written about it much this year but have a lot going on in my garden which I need to provide an update on at some point. This month, I look forward to seeing things grow!
  • Sibling birthdays. Two of my siblings have their birthday in June. Lots of cake in the future!
  • Father’s Day. My father is a difficult person. However, I hope this occasion will allow us to enjoy some time together.
  • My 34th birthday! The year really did fly by and another birthday has come. I already have booked a day off work and will be sure to plan something nice for myself.
  • Coin jar. I used my last coin jar funds to pay down debt and it felt great. Since then it has been slowly filling up again and I plan to spend the month adding to it and continuing to save.
  • Debt reduction. We have paid off my husband’s credit card, as I mentioned in the past. Starting this month, we will work on mine which will be a relief.
  • Flower shop! I have two shifts this month at the flower shop. Am looking forward to them and the extra cash.

June 2015: Things to look forward to…


June-coloring-page-w-frog-filled-in-e1337966724457In my family, June is a month of endless celebrations! As usual, I have tons to look forward to this month. Here is that wonderful list:

  • My birthday! I will be 33. Even though I have to work until late on my special day, I will plan something nice for myself around this day.
  • Family birthdays! A few others (3 others!) have birthdays in June in my family which means lots of cake, lots of parties, and lots of time together having fun.
  • Special occasions! This month there will also be Father’s Day and my parent’s anniversary.
  • Visiting sister and family. My sister from Florida will be visiting us all month with her kids and husband. It is always fun to have the kids around especially since I am their favourite aunt 🙂
  • At work I will be hosting a huge event which I will be happy to get done with as, after that, I plan to take it easy! I also have booked off every Friday as a vacation day so I can enjoy my month with the kids and family.
  • Backyard and garden progress! I plan on spending some extra time doing some very rewarding work in the sunshine.
  • Massage. I have been meaning to use my work massage benefit for months-ever since I wrote my Health Care Benefits post in January. I think I am well overdue for a relaxing massage!
  • Sunshine. All the good weather makes me oh so happy.

That is all that comes to mind right now but basically I think it will be a busy, social month full of lots of fun and family. With that, will come a few theatrics and dramas but am sure it will be very entertaining!