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June is over?! Plus July things to look forward to…


Where did the time go this June? I guess I have been busy this last while. Recently, my work has gotten more interesting which has been great. Plus, I have learned to schedule in one interesting thing or meeting-personal or professional-each day which keeps things moving. My job is still quite easy, though, but at least it is becoming enjoyable. I also finally connected with my dear friend that I mentioned in my June things to look forward to post as well. We had a few nice meals and chats-then she had to fly overseas for some job interviews. Since I last wrote, my husband also returned to join me here. While it has only been a few days, we have been keeping busy together. The other great news is that the monsoon time is here so the weather is much better.

Now that July is around the corner, time to create my things to look forward to post for July 2017:

  • Embassy celebrations! July is the month of Canada Day and Independence Day. As an expat with work that is connected to the government, I have been invited to the local balls etc. Should be an interesting experience!
  • Sister’s visit. Once of my sisters is visiting for all of July. We should have a fun month.
  • Domestic travel. This month I am doing quite a bit of travel for work and because of my sister’s visit. Will be great to see more of India.
  • Shopping. Been waiting for my sister but we hope to do some shopping for some family events in August.
  • Long weekends and busy work days. I saved up some banked time and holiday time for July which is great but also means when I do go to work, I should be busy as a bee.
  • Pregnancy progress. I am now past 5 months and can feel my little guy or gal move. Not too much of a baby bump yet but look forward to seeing what is next.
  • 6 year wedding anniversary. We will be celebrating this milestone on a beach I hope!

Am sure there will be many interesting things going on this month and will try to make time to write. If nothing else, my computer will sure to be full of great photos and memories 🙂


July 2016: Things to look forward to…


julypicHalf of 2016 is already over. It is scary how time is flying. But, July is usually a wonderful month when things tend to slow down. Here is what I have to look forward to:

  • The first thing to look forward to is an immediate long weekend to celebrate the birth of the nation! This also means a day off with pay, of course, which is always nice. I took an extra day off on top of the regular bank holiday so will actually have a 4 day weekend! Great way to start the month and, finally, summer!
  • July is the month when I always publish my list of things to do or try for the next year. I am hoping to push myself a bit more this year.
  • Five year wedding anniversary. Wow! The five years have flown by at an alarming rate. Not sure how we will mark our special milestone but we will find a way.
  • In June I started seeing some of the fruits of my labour in my garden (strawberries, peas, herbs etc). I look forward to more of this in July!
  • Coin jar cash out! I have been saving for a while now and this month the time has come to cash out the jar and pay down some debt! I will then reset the jar for opening in the future.
  • Flower shop shifts-I will be getting more hours at the flower shop this month due to others taking time off for vacations. This means some extra money coming in but also really getting to experience what it is like to regularly work at the shop (which will help me decide if I want to buy my own franchise one day).
  • Visit by niece and nephew-I am looking forward to seeing these kids sometime in July and getting my niece more involved with the garden.
  • Time off work-Work has been crazy for a long time. I look forward to pulling back from it just a little bit by having 5 full days off during the month and only doing half days at times.

July 2015: Things to look forward to…


julypicJune just zipped by and July is now here just like that. It is an incredibly hot Canada Day today and will be an incredibly hot Independence Day on Saturday. The heat seems to not be slowing down so this month am planning on trying to slow down but also work hard so I can play hard later. Here are some of the things I have to look forward to this month:

  • Now that June is done and my birthday has passed, it is time to post a list of 33 Things to Do in my 33rd Year in the LIST section of my website.
  • My sister and her kids are still around most of this month on their summer holiday visit. Am looking forward to continue hanging out with the little ones. My niece is usually attached to my hip the minute I get home from work.
  • Work will be focused around a few big projects this month. Since there is a block on longer vacations, I will try to squeeze in days here and there. The good news is that the big projects are the type I usually enjoy so it should be an interesting work month.
  • Good weather means I will continue to work in my garden plot-I have abandoned the rest of the yard for now as there is not much left to do-especially in this heat. Already I have baby cucumbers growing. Am expecting a lot of progress through July which I look forward to monitoring.
  • Fourth year wedding anniversary! We will be married four years this month and have decided to celebrate in August since I cannot take vacations until then by some kind of excursion. Of course, on our special day we will probably still mark the occasion with a special dinner or something.
  • Vacation planning. I love this activity and am sure I will spend hours researching something fabulous for next month’s little trip.
  • The husband and I have really focused in on our financial goals this last month or so and plan to continue to do so all month. It will great to see our progress by the end of July.

July 2014: Things to look forward to…


I started doing these “Things to Look Forward To” post in January and am shocked at how quickly 7 months have passed! Time is just slipping by without being noticed. But, I am quite sure, things will slow down in July as summer sets in. Here are a few things I am looking forward to in July:

  • Lazy summer days! Even though June 21st was the longest day of the year, the sun setting much later makes me feel like I have a lot more time each day.
  • Third year wedding anniversary. I cannot believe we will be married 3 years this month. I look forward to marking the occasion with something special for us.
  • Slowing down at work. It has been hectic or dull at work for the past few months. Based on last year, I am pretty sure it will be easy street for all of July. I look forward to taking care of all the things I have been putting off and getting all my ducks in a row for busier times.
  • Fresh produce. Enough said.
  • Doing a thing or two on my brand new “list of 32” will feel great.
  • Being cheap for a month! I decided I am cracking down on my spending this month, saving with the coin jar, and going to see how much of a dent I can make in paying of debt in just a month. However, the challenge will be to still make sure it is an enjoyable month (it is the peak of summer, after all, and I do not want to suffer!). I guess we will have to take advantage of free or cheap opportunities!
  • My friend’s baby shower. Am changing my attitude from my Baby Shower’s Make Me Dour post and going to try to enjoy-after all, it may be me in the next few years!