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The mysterious case of the skinny baby…


It is February! I have been missing since mid-January due to the mystery of my skinny baby. So it all started with my baby having severe reflux which I posted about in the past. We tried all kinds of things and eventually had to go on medication. The first one, Zantac, did not work but the second, Nexium, along with thickened milk formula brought down the spit up to about once a day from 8 times a day. However, the baby seemed a bit skinny still!

The doctor assured me he would catch up as he was 3 weeks early but made a referral to a pediatrician just in case. A few weeks later we were able to see the pediatrician. He let us know our baby was VERY skinny-in the 3rd percentile! He send us off to the hospital for some testing. A few tests turned into us ending up there for a week while the doctors did all they could to understand what the issue was. All the tests came back as normal which was baffling.

So, they put us on a strict every 3 hour feeding schedule with less milk per feeding but with formula that was fortified with more calories. We did this for a few days while other tests were done and the baby was gradually, though slowly, gaining weight. They guessed he may have a high metabolism. Then we were released but the next day, at a follow up appointment, he went down! I could swear the doctor looked at me as if I had been lazy and skipping feedings at home. I was a bit offended but realize he must see all kinds of people and I may suspect the same in his shoes. So, he and the dietitian have fortified the formula with more calories and we were told to come back in a week. Since then I obtained an at home scale and have been monitoring my little guy closely. It looked like he was gaining all week but I wanted to see the number on the hospital scale just to be sure!

The week later check in came up…and he had gained 300 grams. I was relieved! Since no other issues can be found they think the little guy has a fast metabolism and needs to be woken up regularly to drink milk. Strange. I sure did have a scare, though, with that 3 percentile thing! Being a new mom can be full of stress and worry that you never would have guessed. However, all seems well now…though I plan to watch my guy on the scale closely for the next while. Hopefully the case of the skinny baby will soon be closed!


Mom hell: reflux!


Not my baby but wish he would only spit up this much instead of the crazy amount that seems to come out.

I am in mommy hell due to reflux. My baby has milk 8 times a day and was spitting up (what seemed like ALL the milk he consumed) 8 times a day!! It was gross, it produced a lot of laundry, and it freaked me out. What was wrong with my baby?! I did some research online and suspected reflux. I tried to give smaller portions and feed more often and hold him up for up to an hour after each feeding and nothing was working. I worried about his weight and health.

This is what he looks like when screaming during burping….makes for some hellish 3 and 6 am feedings.

I then went to the doctor as the next step as the internet said reflux is not serious as long as the baby does not seem to be in pain.

They prescribed Zantac. It worked the first day. The second day the baby threw up twice so I decreased the amount of milk a bit and it helped. The next two days all seemed well again until the baby seemed hungry so I increased the milk amount. Now the last two days the baby seems to throw up the first feeding after taking the medicine but not at other feedings. I guess this is still good BUT the baby seems to now hate burping and seems fussy at various points in the day. I tried to reduce the amount of milk per feeding again and feed more often but he then seems like he is starving all the time although the milk per day is the same. So, now I am a bit at a loss!

My next step is to increase the dosage a little bit as we are currently at the lowest amount of the range for his weight…but not sure if this will work as he only throws up during the feedings immediately after the medication. Hmmm. Will give it a try for a day or two and then back to the doctor. Man, reflux is hellish!!

My baby shower!


As much as I hate baby showers, I had a great time at my own! My two sisters were the hostesses and, I admit, had me a bit worried when they had to run around the morning of the event shopping for appetizers but all went well in the end. I had about 25-30 guests and felt a lot of positive vibes, got a lot of well wishes, tips, and advice. Best of all was connecting with all the wonderful ladies in my life (those that could attend, that is).

The theme of the day was a jungle animals theme. My sisters did a great job decorating and ordered cupcakes that had animal faces on them. They were so cute no one wanted to eat them. The most important thing, though, was that they tasted great. Ha ha ha. I was a bit worried the appies would not be enough but they were fine. My famous punch was a bit hit as always.

We did not play games (as I find them to be torturous and lame) but spent the first hour socializing as many knew each other already but there is not always time to connect. Then we had a fortune teller arrive. Ladies got to step into a private room with her and get a free reading (the older ladies loved it). Afterwards we would ask each other what she said and many ladies opened up about the issues they are dealing with so it was a great way to bond and connect over common themes. Some found her great and some said she was rubbish.

The last hour or so was spent opening gifts. I got spoiled with all kinds of cute things though almost no one purchased anything off my registry. It was fun to see all the baby stuff (and made it seem real) but I don’t like that much attention on me so it was a bit awkward. My husband had to work but he chimed in on Skype and the phone a few times.

Afterwards, the guests left and we did a quick clean up. That night my mom and sisters and I stayed up til 4 am chatting which we have not done in a long time. I must say these things definitely bring families closer together! As much as I hate baby showers, I am glad I had one as it has filled me with more love for all the fab ladies in my life.

OB GYN follow up appointments…


This week I had another follow up appointment with the doctor. My doctor is always late so this time I took a book. Also, I was again amazed at how many pregnant women there are when I go to this office. Of course, this is just one office in one town. I cannot imagine how many more in the country or world there are. It seems like everyone is pregnant. Crazy.

Anyway, as usual, they did a urine test, checked my weight, checked my blood pressure, used a heart rate monitor or whatever it is on my stomach, and then asked if I had any questions. I wanted to ask HOW MUCH LONGER!? but already know they cannot answer. My “homework” is to do the 3 hour glucose test (yuck..been avoiding this one) and register at the hospital.

I asked the doctor if I should bother taking the child birth and other classes and he said some people found it helpful but did not seem very convincing so thus far am probably not going to take them. He did confirm the baby is head down right now but may flip around a few more times. I have to go back in two weeks and then probably once a week after that until the little one arrives. Right now I am about 33 weeks according to one of the ultrasounds but believe I am further along…at 35.5 weeks as per my last period. We will just have to see but I am convinced this baby will probably come “early” in October rather than November. I know I am soooo ready for this pregnancy to wrap up. I am terribly uncomfortable and bored. Getting impatient and totally ready to meet our little guy. Third trimester is for sure the worst.

Upcoming baby shower…


Okay…I have posted in the past about how much I hate baby showers. Of course, they are a reality of life and I attended those I had to attend. All of them were painful in some way or another and I could not wait to get away! Now my own baby shower is coming up. My two sisters were happy to host it but I told them I want it not to be a painful experience so no games! In fact, I just want it to be a chance for everyone to get together and spend some time together.

So, we will be hosting it on a Sunday afternoon at my parent’s house for 3 hours. We will have appetizers and cute cupcakes and punch and tea. The theme is baby jungle animals. I find it dull when the mom to be opens presents for most of the event but it seems everyone LOVES that so we will spend the last hour doing that. My sisters also hired a fortune teller to keep it interesting. She will be doing mini-readings for the guests.

We are expecting about 40 friends and family members. It will be great to see all of them. I am getting pretty excited about the event and about the baby. All these rituals and actually seeing the baby stuff is sure making this feel real!

Month 8 sucks…


So I am in my 8th month of pregnancy…and it sucks. Of course it sucks more because I am still not able to walk normally and, though I do not need them ALL the time, I still do need to use crutches quite a bit on a daily basis. The good news is that I am definitely getting better for sure. Anyway, back to my rant! This month-the 8th-really does suck. I am soooo ready to be done and have this baby be born but I have a feeling it will take me the full 40 weeks plus a few! Luckily my due date is in dispute so I will probably not have to go past 39 (as it may really be 40-42!).

Funny intro to baby jokes…my husband may benefit from these!

What are the issues, you ask? Well, besides the back and leg issue that is still going on (though now the pain is gone and it is just an awkward gait I have that requires crutches to walk normally or the pain returns), I find it extremely hard to be comfortable at ALL times. Yes, I did not really gain weight during the pregnancy but a baby bump has definitely formed and is it EVER hard to go from sitting to standing and SUPER hard to roll over at night from one side to the other. I have become a person who regularly grunts. Everything is squished up inside me so I can only eat small portions (or I feel like I will explode) and breathing can be harder now that it is harder for the lungs to fill up quite so much. The baby also kicks and moves a lot still (which makes me think we still have a long way to go as they say movement decreases as they get full term and do not have so much room).

This month I also jumped out of my skin a few times as I felt like I was getting a shock from within. Turns out this is called “lightening crotch” and usually means the baby touches the nerves near the cervix which are very sensitive and can make you feel like something is jolting you from within. So strange and sometimes it can hurt. The good news is that it may mean the baby is getting into the right position. Other than that I find I need to take a daily nap and the bathroom is the most important room in the home. Ha ha ha. I am also so thirsty and drink heaps of water which then makes me uncomfortable.

Since I am not working (or walking around much so cannot get out often) I think I am left to dwell on the discomforts a bit more. Realistically, other than this leg issue, it would be “handleable” to do this again (though I have no intention to). Generally, I had an easy pregnancy overall and I should not be complaining so much. A friend of mine is 6 months and has been vomiting and ill since day one. I could not imagine going through that and still being a nice person.

My husband and I slowly getting baby ready, though, which helps keep me a bit positive as it is making the realization that we will have a cute little monkey with us soon-and people all say this will make it all worth it. It better! 🙂 We have the bed and bassinet all set for the baby (a gift from my sister) and yesterday my aunt took me to the store to pick out a car seat as she wanted to be the one who bought it for us. So, I ended up picking out one, and my husband, after giving our car a good cleaning, installed it. It is a bit of a giant but at least that is out of the way just in case there are any surprises and the baby comes early.

I also bought some baby wash, lotion, diapers, and wipes in a small quantity so we can get through the first few days-and because they say you need to make sure your baby is not allergic to said brand so you should start with small sample first. I chose the Dove baby brand-hope it works out-and Pampers for newborns. We have a dresser on the upper floor of the house we want to use for the baby’s many belongings to come so I need to empty it out and then my husband will bring it down the stairs. I would have bought more by now but cannot really carry much with my crutches so wait until someone comes with me and then make them do it! Haha.

Next weekend is the baby shower-which I am definitely looking forward to-but am expecting no one will buy me anything off the registry so will probably end up with a million little clothes. These can fill that dresser. Once the baby shower is done I will buy all the missing items I need online and then we will be baby ready…in terms of stuff. I have not started mentally or physically preparing myself for the birth part at all but sooo not ready to even think about all that yet!! Need to save something for month 9, I guess!

Clock watching…


In the last while I have been trying to keep as busy as possible. Now that I am off work it is hard to pass the time…especially since I am still dependent on my crutches so more or less stuck at home most of the time. The good news is that I am seeing improvement with my back and legs but the bad news is that it is super slow and I am 4 weeks in and probably need at least 2-3 more weeks before I can be normal (if normal is even an option before the baby).

Anyway, to make sure the time passes, I try to schedule one thing to do per day. Often it is the chiro or a doctor appointment but the rest of the time it has been some of the items on my things to look forward to list for this month. For example, I already did both meet ups with the cousins (lots of fun and great to catch up), I visited my old workplace (so glad I do not work there anymore!), and I resolved the legal issue I had going on through a day of meetings (thank goodness). But, now I worry about how bored I will be and how much more aware of how uncomfortable I am getting in this third trimester. I worry the time til baby will feel like forever and forever without any good distractions.

Doing nothing and being bored has always gotten me down after awhile. I am not totally there yet but think I am on my way. I could do some online shopping for the baby but figure I better wait until after the baby shower as I am hoping people will actually buy me things on the registry rather than just random things…but we will see. Besides, I think I need to save something for October! As time goes on and I feel my stomach getting bigger, I sure am hoping the doctor is wrong and I am actually due in October and not November. Since the reports are contradicting there is a chance! So that would mean instead of 30.5 weeks I would be almost 33 weeks right now. Next week I have another appointment with the OB GYN and he said they will keep monitoring me to get a better idea as to when the baby will really come. Crossing my fingers for an earlier time!

Anyway, pregnancy definitely equals a lot of waiting…something I am not good at. Hopefully some interesting things will come my way to keep me distracted. Good luck to all the pregnant ladies out there…I do not envy any of them 🙂