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The pregnancy hormones are hitting…


All this time I have been pregnant, I have been pretty cool…cool as a cucumber, in fact. However, for the last week or so I have started to develop back pain. This pain has been shooting down my leg and has made walking very difficult. I am looking into it and hope to figure out exactly what it is and how to get rid of it but the frustration has thrown me into an emotional tizzy.

I think the distress and pregnancy hormones combined have disrupted my well balanced mood and unleashed a monster…and all is being directed at my poor husband. The little annoying things he does set me over the edge! He has been doing all kinds of unnecessary things lately that have been upsetting me. However, I need to catch myself/my reactions to him and stop at once and respond in my usual way if I disagree instead of unleashing a torrent of rage or tears. I know I am being over the top but just cannot seem to stop myself at the time. I think this may be part of the pregnancy hormones and mood swings that I have heard about.

I am hoping by being aware I can try to control myself. Pregnancy is no fun. I have had it relatively easy but am sick of this and ready to be done with it. Nine months really seems to be a long time. Modern science should find a way to focus on making it shorter and more tolerable! However, I suppose if we want a global population decrease to save the planet then we ought to leave it be and tell the truth more about how miserable and unappealing the 9 months are-even if one is like me and it is not so miserable. Ha ha ha. Of course, the cute little monkey you get at the end is what people keep saying makes it worth it so that is a hard one to beat despite the not so fun 9 months. Anyway, hanging in there and hoping to be a nicer person to my poor hubby. Wish me luck!

Jumping & jiving baby after 24 weeks…


A short while back I hit the 24 weeks pregnant mark. I am not going to lie-I was happy to hit half way at 20 weeks-but 24 weeks felt like more of a milestone. It may be 6 months-or not depending on who you listen to and how it is all calculated.

Anyway, a few weeks before the 24 week mark, I started feeling some small flutters in my stomach. I only noticed them at night when perfectly still and was not really sure if this was movement or not. Kind of felt like gas gurgling about. It almost felt like a baby bird lifting its wings for the first time and that is it. Then, after a while, the feeling upgraded to a fish swishing a tail. Now, I feel like the baby is regularly jumping around! A few movements even startle me.

It is such an odd thing but also really neat. So far all is continuing to go well with the pregnancy other than my stomach seemed to pop out suddenly around 23 weeks. Due to that rolling over is much harder and I had a bit of back pain. Still regularly choking down the nasty pre-natals and being patient.

I am sure November will be here in no time but before then I can look forward to the other milestones and a fun baby shower (or so I hope as my sisters sure can be drama queens)! Each Thursday I look forward to reading the weekly baby progress reports on the 3 pregnancy apps I have on my phone. Currently, our little sweetheart is the size of an ear of corn!

Non-Invasive Prenatal Test Results…


On June 6th I wrote about doing my blood test for the NIPT test. This is the test that lets you know if your baby has a high chance of chromosomal defects and issues. The lab told me the result would be emailed in 10 days. Waiting is hard but I tried not to think of it. 10 days passed and nothing came. Another day passed as I thought maybe they meant ten days after the day following the test. I waited.

Then I grew a bit anxious and called them. They said they would call soon. They never did and the lab closed. The next day I called and they said my test result had not come in and to call the next day. I did. The next day they said they would call me back but did not so I called the following day.

I was told the doctor had the test results in her email and had not sent them. I asked for them to be forwarded to me soon as this test is quite an important one-and such waiting could make one anxious. Of course, they said! Then a short while later I got a call back. The woman on the other end told me not to worry and that the test is normal. I was happy but said I wanted to still get the full report. She asked me to send a text message to the doctor’s cell phone. I did and am still waiting but hoping normal means the risks are low.

Regardless, normal is a good sign. Am very happy with that at this point. Now, I am looking forward to hitting the pregnancy half way mark in just 4 days and decided I will make the announcement sometime this week-although I have already shared with the close family and friends.

**As of June 19 the doctor did not send me the report but said the results indicated that 99% of possible detectable abnormalities are reduced to less than 1% risk. Or at least that is what I think she meant!

Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing…


As you know, I have moved to India for work from North America and am pregnant. I wrote about my first visit to the Indian doctor and ultrasound already. It was during this first meeting that the doctor told me about non-invasive prenatal testing. She told me it was basically a blood test in which one could see if there are any chromosomal abnormalities detected. If so, another test needs to be done to confirm further. She said the test was expensive and up to me to decide to do or not. I am not too high risk as I am under 36 and do not really have a family history of issues. I read my insurance package and there are no clear guidelines as to if it is covered or not other than tests etc should be advised by the doctor and are needed/standard. This test is becoming increasingly standard and would have been done back home so I decided to go for it.

So, I booked another appointment with my doctor. This time I brought all my records from home. She reviewed them and said all seemed normal enough. She reviewed the ultrasound report as well and asked how I was. She then gave me a note to go do my test. It had to be done at a different lab. So, on the weekend, off I went.

This clinic was in another part of town but was nice enough-and full of pregnant women which was a good sign. I had to fill out some forms and then was told to wait in a chair. I was quickly weighed-but have not gained any weight since leaving home 5 weeks ago. I hope this is normal and will ask her next time. A medical technician soon came over and told me he would draw blood for three tests. These included the NIFTY test (the one that detects prenatal issues), a sugar/glucose test, and one other than I am not sure what it is for. The needle went in-my husband was filming it which was annoying so I was distracted by glaring at him-and soon three vials of red blood were full. I held a cotton swab to where the needle went in and then was given a bandage. I had to pay my bill and then was told my results would be emailed to me in ten days. I was glad to see the skin area was cleaned first and the technician wore gloves. Am a bit paranoid in India.

Now, it has been 4 days and I have tried not to think about it. Once in awhile the thoughts do come to mind but I have been pushing them away as I am not sure how I will feel if there are any issues or concerns. I am trying to focus on taking care of myself and treating myself well. I take my vitamins daily (as hard as it can be as they gross me out) and once in awhile take extra folic acid or iron pills. Both are within my vitamin so do not want to take too much.

I have not really been feeling pregnant at all lately other than the changing shape of my stomach area. I guess I should be glad it is smooth and calm. Tomorrow I will be 18 weeks. I look forward to each Thursday when my apps update with what is going on in the new week. In two weeks I will be half way. Exciting 🙂 For now, however, am just moving along with my regular life and letting things develop. The next big thing will be the test results. I hope all will be well.

My first visit to the Indian doctor and the second ultrasound!


At the end of my first week in India, I was somewhat settled so decided it is time to move forward with accessing healthcare. I had already researched and been recommended a doctor to support me with my pregnancy so that was taken care of. Back home, the norm is to access your family doctor. Here, you can go straight to an OB GYN. I think this is good in some ways but can be bad if you just see a specialist for issues all the time as they may not connect all the dots if you have multiple issues. Anyway, probably not an issue in my case.

The first step here was to make an appointment. This was easily done through an online appointment request in which you punch in what day you would like to see the doctor and your phone number. The doctor I wanted operated out of a hospital.

A short while later I received a call and was told I could come in the next week. I agreed and then received email confirmation. The day of my appointment came and off I went to the hospital. Since it was my first visit I had to check in at reception and fill out a registration card. I let them know I had an appointment with the doctor and they asked me to pay for it. In my case it was 2000 rupees and a 150 rupee registration fee. I paid and was given the receipt.

Photo of the hospital where I went.

I then moved over to the waiting room area. I waited some time…much later than the appointment I made which was a bit annoying but not the end of the world…and soon was called in to see the doctor. She had a large room and sat at one end at a desk with an assistant or perhaps junior doctor. She said, “What can I do for you, dear?” I explained I am from abroad and in Delhi for work and also 15 weeks pregnant so needed follow up care. I forgot my previous medical records from home but let her know all seemed normal, I had one previous early miscarriage that required an operation, I was taking pre-natal vitamins, and had one ultrasound to rule out ectopic pregnancy back in April. Since then, not much had happened.

She asked me some more background questions about myself and my family and was writing them down in a file/card thing. This file would later come to me as they do not seem to keep records of anything in India at the hospital and it is up to you to lug around your own file. She then told me the next steps are to do an ultrasound to confirm due date and that all is generally well and do a blood test to rule out some abnormalities. She said there were two options for this last one and it would be up to me to choose which I wanted as one may not be covered by my insurance. One just tells you if you are high or low risk for issues. The other actually tells you if there are abnormalities or not. She said to think about this for next time. I confirmed both are non-invasive.

I asked her how often I needed to come in-she said monthly for now, then each fortnight (which is 2 weeks), and then near the end (the last month I guess), weekly. I asked if I could fly back home for a vacation in August around 30 weeks and she said yes. Then, she had me lie on the table and looked at my stomach. She felt around and said it seemed I was 14-16 weeks pregnant. It just happened to be my exact 15th week of pregnancy according to the doctors back home and the last ultrasound I did.

She then told me to bring my records from home next time, keep taking vitamins, go do the ultrasound today, and next time let them know which blood test I want. I agreed and then checked back in with the admin assistant who took me over to the ultrasound department. There was another waiting room. I had to sign a form saying I do not wish to know the sex of the baby as it is illegal in India. I said I DO wish to know but understand I am not allowed (the form should be changed to be more accurate) but signed anyway. It then seemed to take forever but my turn finally came. Just as I got into the room, the gov’t inspectors arrived to check the machines. I had to wait a bit while they confirmed the machine serial and model numbers etc.

Soon they left and the ultrasound doctor came in. She was very nice and conducted the ultrasound. I heard the heartbeat. It was so strange-like a chugging sound. She said it was normal. She took measurements and showed me the screen. I saw the head, the heartbeat, spine, arms, and legs. The baby seemed to be jumping around. After a time she said she could not see one leg being extended and had to check this before she could let me go but the baby was not cooperating. She sent me off for a walk and a break and helped others. After half an hour I was back with her and, after some time, she finally saw the leg being extended. She was then satisfied and released me. She also let me know the baby is 14 weeks and 5 days-not the 15 weeks I thought.

I was told to go to billing and pay for this. It was about 4200 rupees. Then I came back and waited. A short time later I was given my report and told I could go. I opened up the report-it was in English-and read it (all normal!) and the baby’s due date has been moved yet again-to two days later. There were also ultrasound pictures in the envelope. I was kind of hoping the due date would be moved to earlier and not later but what can you do?

I left feeling very happy and well looked after. The hospital seemed clean, everyone spoke English, and the equipment seemed up to date. I did not expect to spend hours and hours there but did get the ultrasound done the same day which was nice. Next time I will budget more time and bring my previous records from back home. Now, I just need to figure out how to submit insurance claims etc which will be a whole other story! I also need to find out if the insurance company will cover the more expensive blood test.

Afterwards I went to work. Once I was there I snapped a photo of the ultrasound and sent it over to my husband who joked the baby looks like him. I told him about the whole experience and he was happy all went well and said it all seemed so real now. This is how I feel too! Something about actually seeing that human outline on the screen has made it much more real than it has been so far. Am very excited now-but still a very long way to go!

First trimester delayed!


This week I saw the doctor and got the results of all my pregnancy tests. The blood work was fine but I did have an infection for which I now have to take antibiotics. The doctor said it is not serious and very common. She confirmed all my STD tests were clear and all looked well overall. However, the ultrasound revealed I was not quite as pregnant as I thought and am actually a week and a half earlier than I thought I was according to the last menstrual period. So, my due date has been changed from late October to early November (still a Scorpio unfortunately-haha).

I thought I was going to hit 11 weeks this Saturday but turns out I am 9 weeks today. That means 4 more weeks of the first trimester. I thought my 8.5 weeks (which was really 7 weeks) was the peak of the bad feelings but most people online say it is around 9 weeks and starts subsiding around 11-12 weeks. I sure hope not as I thought I was almost past that time period but now am right back there again. The good news is that, right now, I am feeling pretty good for the most part. Hope it continues!

In other news, this past weekend my sister treated out me, my mother, and other sister to a spa day at a very fancy high end spa. I was booked into a pregnancy massage which was very nice and relaxing. I cannot imagine going to such a massage heavily pregnant, though, even with all the pillows. I guess we will see. Anyway, off to work!