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Solo birthday abroad…


My birthday has come and gone. I hit the milestone of 35 while abroad and pregnant. I thought I may feel a bit down and had a list of things I could do to keep me busy or spoil myself but it turned out alright. I slept in, had a bite to eat, chatted with some friends online, and then decided I should go do something fun. So, off I went to the market to see what India has to offer. I did not end up splurging on myself but did find a few nice gifts for others and a few special things for the baby. It was fun seeing all the products and haggling.

After that, I had worked up a nice appetite so took myself off to a fancy restaurant for some yummy food. I splurged on an appetizer and a main. By the end of the meal I was stuffed-especially since I ate the whole in-house-made bread basket. Everything was just delicious! Feeling tired afterwards, I decided to head home-where all kinds of well wishing emails, texts, and Facebook messages awaited me from afar (time zone differences!). It was nice.

As I sat in the restaurant alone-surrounded by couples, families, groups of business associates and friends, I have to say I felt very proud of myself. Here I was: a 35 year old, strong, independent, pregnant woman, with a bright and happy future ahead-who was comfortable asking for a table for one. I have wonderful friends and family but was comfortable in my own skin and confident. I have realized I really can take on anything and do anything and I need not worry. I felt empowered, strong, and confident. This feeling has stayed with me. I do not need anyone or anything. I can make it on my own.

But, all the good people and things in my life I appreciate from the bottom of my heart. I hope to move forward this year with that appreciation but also that knowledge that I will be okay and can stand on my own if need be. Life is good, life is beautiful, and I want to make the most of it. Even though I now hit the dreadful 35 (a truly serious number), I have to say life has never been more lovely. Who would have thought!? May everyone be as blessed and appreciative as I am!


Planning for my husband’s milestone bday…


In early February my husband turns 30! Lucky young thing! I am 5 years older than him and can sure feel it at times! Anyway, back to him. Although February is still far away, I want to start thinking about what wonderful gift I can provide for him. I did quite a bit of thinking and am having trouble coming up with something material but I did realize that a trip home for him to visit with his family may be just the thing he needs. He has not been back home since he first immigrated to this country 4 years ago. The reasons were financial, political (his country was allegedly detaining people in order to discourage migration out of country), and pragmatic (he had to have boots on the ground for a certain amount of time before he could be eligible to apply for citizenship).

I have already contacted the embassy and government in his country to confirm detainment will not be an issue and I could arrange with his boss to have the time off from work, I could make all the travel arrangements, and then surprise him! I shared the idea with my sister but she thought it was awful. She thought it strange I would want to send him away but I reminded her that he has not seen his family since he first came to this country 4 years ago and if it was me, I would love some time alone with my family. A foreign friend at work said she would love such thoughtfulness from her partner (understanding one may want some alone time with their family).  Of course, I could join him a week or two later.

Anyway, I thought it may be a wonderful gift but probably a not the best as a surprise as he would want to prepare for it. So, I shared the possibility of it with him to see if I was even on the right track and he was very excited and very moved. By February our debt will be gone and this would be a great reward (but also a great expense so we would have to come back and work off any debt incurred right away!). I cannot think of any better gift. If February turns out not to be an ideal time, I can always buy the ticket in February for later in the year. I just want this milestone of a birthday to be connected to a grand gesture or experience. I will have to rack my brain for other ideas but I think this one may be the winner!

I am 34 now…


My birthday has come and gone. I am now 34. It was one of the only birthdays in which I had no expectations or plans and thus, a really great one in which I enjoyed whatever came my way. The day before it, my husband and I went out to dinner one to one at our favourite Italian restaurant. The food was extra delicious as it was a slow night there.

On the actual day, my husband and I spent it together doing silly things. For example, we went to Denny’s in the morning for my free birthday breakfast. He also bought me a special bouquet of pink roses and several chocolate bars first thing in the morning! Later, we went and had massages (which felt amazing!). In the afternoon, I took my mom with me to the local pool for a swim. She needs to exercise more but feels a lot of pain so water exercise is great for her. I really enjoyed gliding about and seeing how far I could swim without touching the bottom of the pool. I do not really know how to swim but self taught myself a bit and am not too bad. Very relaxing. In the evening, we ate leftovers from the night before and watched movies and had cheesecake with my sister.

The next day I met my brother’s girlfriend for coffee in the morning. She was going through a hard time and wanted to chat. It was pouring rain all day and I came home and watched movies (some of which are listed in the previous post). In the evening we went for dinner at a local (but delicious) bar and grill with my sister and her boyfriend. We were on the covered patio while it poured buckets of rain. All around were tall trees and it felt very beautiful and romantic. I loaded up on martinis and a very delicious veggie burger and then we were off to disco bowling. There, it turns out, I was the best bowler in the group-by far! The others were quite bad, though, so it was nothing too special. 🙂 After a few games we called it a night. Even though it took three days, that was the sum of my b-day celebration! Welcome, year 34!

The hubby’s b-day…


Earlier this week we celebrated the hubby’s birthday with a nice dinner out. We invited some of our closest friends and family and a had a nice time chatting, enjoying drinks, and scarfing down some delicious foods! He was not much in the mood to go out with all that is going on but it turned out to be a great stress relief. Later on, at home, we cut an ice cream cake which was great as I have been suffering from a sore throat! We then got to chill out in our own flat which is finally all renovated and coming together. This weekend I hope to finish the last few things to get us 100% settled.

My husband’s wish (possibly his birthday wish!) to find a more local job may be coming true as well. So far he has had 3 job interviews and two seem to be working out. We will find out next week for sure but plan to make the most out of this weekend together as he may be on the road by Tuesday! We will see. Regardless, the hubby’s bday was a nice one but the big one is coming up next February! I will have to get creative for that one.

Birthday week debrief…


I am 32 now! My blog website address still says I am 30 now but this week I turned 32 (and obviously did not put much thought into what the blog address would be when I created it-oh well, not much I can do now!). Anyway, I have been feeling exhausted since coming back from Vegas! Additionally so due to the fact my big work event for 300 took place this week so I have not been very birthday focused. In fact, on the actual day, I just took it easy and watched reality tv shows after a  full day of work meetings. It felt great to just relax alone. My husband had to work that evening.

Fabulous husband did not disappoint, however, with his bouquet of red roses and chocolate…and a “not so surprise” party that he has planned for me for this weekend. This is perfect as I have been in no mood to celebrate-but I will be by tomorrow! My big work event that I coordinated with staff support also went very well which is a relief-my boss was actually impressed-which felt great since she has been the expert for this event for the last 5 years or so. Now, I will not have to worry about it until next year!

I generally let the house fall apart this week as well…and we ate out or ordered in but today I have tidied everything up again and managed to cook dinner…and I feel so much better. I cannot stand a house that has been let go too long or too many take out meals in a row!

Am feeling back on top now and back to myself. Looking forward to what 32 has to offer!