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Mom hell: reflux!


Not my baby but wish he would only spit up this much instead of the crazy amount that seems to come out.

I am in mommy hell due to reflux. My baby has milk 8 times a day and was spitting up (what seemed like ALL the milk he consumed) 8 times a day!! It was gross, it produced a lot of laundry, and it freaked me out. What was wrong with my baby?! I did some research online and suspected reflux. I tried to give smaller portions and feed more often and hold him up for up to an hour after each feeding and nothing was working. I worried about his weight and health.

This is what he looks like when screaming during burping….makes for some hellish 3 and 6 am feedings.

I then went to the doctor as the next step as the internet said reflux is not serious as long as the baby does not seem to be in pain.

They prescribed Zantac. It worked the first day. The second day the baby threw up twice so I decreased the amount of milk a bit and it helped. The next two days all seemed well again until the baby seemed hungry so I increased the milk amount. Now the last two days the baby seems to throw up the first feeding after taking the medicine but not at other feedings. I guess this is still good BUT the baby seems to now hate burping and seems fussy at various points in the day. I tried to reduce the amount of milk per feeding again and feed more often but he then seems like he is starving all the time although the milk per day is the same. So, now I am a bit at a loss!

My next step is to increase the dosage a little bit as we are currently at the lowest amount of the range for his weight…but not sure if this will work as he only throws up during the feedings immediately after the medication. Hmmm. Will give it a try for a day or two and then back to the doctor. Man, reflux is hellish!!


Baby has arrived!


My baby has arrived! In my last post I went on about how miserable I was due to joint and nerve pain. I had hoped I would have my baby on my original due date (Oct 28) rather than the one they gave me after the ultrasound (Nov 14) as I just could not take any more pain…and three to five weeks more seemed like an eternity. Well, it turned out that my little guy was born on that exact date (Oct 28!). What had happened was that I had an appointment with my OB at which I reported my extreme pain to him and he sent me to the hospital. There they must have felt sorry for me…and noticed the regular medicines were not helping me…and agreed to induce me as distress for a mom to be is not good.

Two days later I was back and the induction started. It seemed to be working slowly. However, I had a reaction to the drugs and suddenly was in more pain than ever! It was horrible and I thought I was going to die. The doctors said there was not much else to do other than have an emergency c section. This is rare but they recognized I was suffering and in distress and that no other medicines would be safe for the baby. So, on October 28th, in the evening I suddenly found myself in the operating room. I was terrified…especially since I did not realize one is actually conscious during the procedure. It seemed to all be happening so fast BUT I knew it was the right thing for me as I could not take any more pain and could not wait another several weeks in pain.

Soon I was in the operating table and frozen from the chest down though I could still feel pulling and movement. The doctors and nurses were great and in a short while I heard the doctor say the baby had a big head. A moment later there was a cry. My husband and I were overwhelmed as suddenly he was put on my chest before me. I stared at him in shock a few minutes. Who was this?! How strange to see this human that had been inside me! They took him away and did some measuring. 8lbs and 3 ounces they said! My husband left with them and the rest of the surgery went on. Soon I was rolled out to the recovery room and got to stare at my naked baby for much longer. He was so cute and we had skin to skin time as a nurse began to teach me and him how to latch on for breastfeeding. My husband and I were in love.

For the next two days we stayed in the hospital with our little one. At first I felt amazing physically as the drugs were still in effect (c section is awesome I have decided) but by morning they had worn off and I was horrified to still have my leg pain. Pains from the c section were there but just a minor irritant compared to this leg and hip pain. Because of it my husband had to step up and do EVERYTHING for the first few days. He did all the feeding (my breast milk came in at 4 days so bottle of formula it was), diaper changing, swaddling, cuddling, bathing, and learning from the hospital staff. I assured the nurses I would learn from him later. They were a bit doubtful at first but saw how great he was and said he was a super dad. We were discharged a bit early and went home.

Since then life has been taking place in 3 hour blocks of feeding, changing, pumping, and sleeping. The first few days were exhausting but I learned to sleep when the little one does and be prepared ahead of time for the night feedings which are the worst. My husband went back to work after two weeks and, despite a serious limp and leg/hip/back/knee pain, I am handling our little guy on my own when he is at work. It was hard at first due to the pain and I felt very sad and guilty I could not take care of him as I wanted BUT I know I will soon be fine and all will be well again…plus I am meeting all his needs despite it not being the way I would like so no need to be so hard on myself.

I can definitely attest to the fact that a new mother feels a SURGE of emotions and the mother instinct does kick in. For me I feel an intense possessiveness, protectiveness, and love. I have to force myself to let others hold him and visit with us as I just wanted him and my husband all to myself and for us to never leave the house or let anyone in!!! Ha ha ha. Luckily, I have gotten over that a bit but those feelings were very strong at first and my family was not impressed as they felt I did not trust them.

I just wanted to quickly write this blog post as an update but there are a thousand more things I can say and write about in detail from food to baths to breastfeeding to changes in our marriage etc. Will try to keep on top of it!

Consumed by pain…


I am in absolute misery and pain. I have had two appointments with my chiropractor but I know that process is slow. I can barely move and each time I get up from the toilet or take too many steps I have to deal with 15-20 minutes of the most painful debilitating spasms in the world. This is the worst thing ever…ever since the third trimester hit I have been in hell. My first due date based on my LMP is this Saturday. Oh how I wish that was the real and final and only due date but my ultrasounds had it moved to November 14. I cannot imagine another three full weeks of this hell as of tomorrow. Am hoping something will happen before then. Never have I been so consumed with pain and misery. I will never not appreciate normal life again!

Just like in a bad horror movie…it’s BACK!!


Ahhhhh! I could just scream. Around September 21 or so my pregnancy related back and leg pain finally was resolved after at least a good 6 weeks of chiropractic treatment. Now, this week, all of a sudden it is back! This time it is not on the left side but the right side. Supposedly it is because my body is getting ready for labor. I just want to cry. It really really hurts.

In my last post I did a lot of venting and mentioned at least I was not suffering physically anymore…ha ha ha… I spoke too soon. I am now wishing for last week!!! However, I am stuck with this reality now. Tomorrow I have a chiropractor appointment booked anyway (I dropped down to once a week just in case rather than quitting cold turkey) and will have to start from the beginning again…on the other side of my body. Luckily I am 36 weeks pregnant and if the baby comes out sooner rather than later I hope this issue will be resolved that way FOREVER. At least I pray so. This is awful.

Time is ticking slowly by and am trying to keep busy but this pain is making it hard as I am already starting to see the mobility issues which makes me just want to sit home. This time the onset was so sudden as well. If only I had two or three more weeks!

I am just dying to have this baby now. I would love to GET IT OUT asap but know I cannot. The only good news I have is that some of my mucus plug has come out in the last day or two. I am hoping this means baby will be following soon….but I know it could still be weeks. 😦

Anyways, pregnancy sucks. Cannot wait to be done and to meet my little guy who I know will be worth it but, it sure is hard to be positive in the moment! Hope everyone else is enjoying life more than I am right now.

Okay…just going to accept it…


This morning I felt really down and I cried. I let myself cry as it felt really good. Like a big release of stress and tension. I am now 35 weeks pregnant. My LMP was January 21 so my due date should have been October 28th. I moved to India for work at the end of my first trimester and did my scans there. They gave me some due dates in early November. Okay, fine, but I did not really believe it.

Then I came back to North America for a family event and suddenly had back and leg issues which put me out on medical leave early. This was August. I started seeing the local doctor again. He reviewed my medical records from India and did his own assessments. I am happy to report I recently passed the glucose test (thank goodness as I really did not want to deal with all that!).

Last month my doctor said they would keep an eye on me to determine my REAL due date as the information was conflicting in all the reports and earlier tests were more accurate so October was looking good. Earlier this week he says my due date will probably be November 14. I wanted to punch him in the face. November 14 is just so far it seems and I am so sick and tired of being pregnant and doing nothing all day. My back and leg pain has been mostly resolved thanks to my chiropractor but the clock watching, boredom, and general discomfort is driving me over the edge. I was REALLY hoping everything was wrong and October it would be…just so I can finally be DONE but no such luck. I have just HAD it and want to see this baby but now I just need to accept it will be November and find a way to get through. I have never been so miserable (not physically thankfully) before. It is so hard for me not to be productive and doing something with my life. I cannot seem to do much due to the pregnancy though…Pregnancy really needs to be 6 months tops! They have got to find a way.

In other news, I have washed all the laundry for the baby, set up everything for him, and registered at the hospital. Baby is still head down and moving a lot. My belly also grew a lot all of a sudden and I have a real looking baby bump. In the past it was very slow. I also started to finally gain a bit of weight whereas up until now I was losing it or staying the same. Blood tests also have shown my iron, which was great a few months ago, has plummeted recently but the doctor says it is not a big deal as the hemoglobin levels are still high but I can take iron tablets if I want. I started as I am sure they will benefit me even afterwards as I am prone to low iron. Kind of sucks as it took me forever to get to a good level. Oh well.

Anyway, just needed to vent and already feel a bit better. I realize I go a bit mad if I am not keeping busy. Will need to find some things to do…which is hard because the things I would usually want to do I am physically incapable of doing. Sigh…pregnancy really sucks in the third trimester.

OB GYN follow up appointments…


This week I had another follow up appointment with the doctor. My doctor is always late so this time I took a book. Also, I was again amazed at how many pregnant women there are when I go to this office. Of course, this is just one office in one town. I cannot imagine how many more in the country or world there are. It seems like everyone is pregnant. Crazy.

Anyway, as usual, they did a urine test, checked my weight, checked my blood pressure, used a heart rate monitor or whatever it is on my stomach, and then asked if I had any questions. I wanted to ask HOW MUCH LONGER!? but already know they cannot answer. My “homework” is to do the 3 hour glucose test (yuck..been avoiding this one) and register at the hospital.

I asked the doctor if I should bother taking the child birth and other classes and he said some people found it helpful but did not seem very convincing so thus far am probably not going to take them. He did confirm the baby is head down right now but may flip around a few more times. I have to go back in two weeks and then probably once a week after that until the little one arrives. Right now I am about 33 weeks according to one of the ultrasounds but believe I am further along…at 35.5 weeks as per my last period. We will just have to see but I am convinced this baby will probably come “early” in October rather than November. I know I am soooo ready for this pregnancy to wrap up. I am terribly uncomfortable and bored. Getting impatient and totally ready to meet our little guy. Third trimester is for sure the worst.

Jumping & jiving baby after 24 weeks…


A short while back I hit the 24 weeks pregnant mark. I am not going to lie-I was happy to hit half way at 20 weeks-but 24 weeks felt like more of a milestone. It may be 6 months-or not depending on who you listen to and how it is all calculated.

Anyway, a few weeks before the 24 week mark, I started feeling some small flutters in my stomach. I only noticed them at night when perfectly still and was not really sure if this was movement or not. Kind of felt like gas gurgling about. It almost felt like a baby bird lifting its wings for the first time and that is it. Then, after a while, the feeling upgraded to a fish swishing a tail. Now, I feel like the baby is regularly jumping around! A few movements even startle me.

It is such an odd thing but also really neat. So far all is continuing to go well with the pregnancy other than my stomach seemed to pop out suddenly around 23 weeks. Due to that rolling over is much harder and I had a bit of back pain. Still regularly choking down the nasty pre-natals and being patient.

I am sure November will be here in no time but before then I can look forward to the other milestones and a fun baby shower (or so I hope as my sisters sure can be drama queens)! Each Thursday I look forward to reading the weekly baby progress reports on the 3 pregnancy apps I have on my phone. Currently, our little sweetheart is the size of an ear of corn!