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July recap and August 2017 things to look forward to…


July was amazing. My pregnancy progressed well, work was exciting, I did a lot of local travelling and exploring, and my husband and sister were here to keep me company. We had wonderful meals and nights out all over India. I have been so occupied that I have not had time to write about all the adventures here so will have to try to do so another time. Already it is July 30th and time to write about what I look forward to in August. Here are a few things:

  • Home for a visit! Three weeks back in North America sounds like heaven right now. Am looking forward to my favourite food and meeting my favourite people.
  • Check in with a western doctor! This means I can finally find out the baby’s gender and get a real due date rather than a range. Plus since I still have my healthcare I can do all the necessary tests I have been holding off on.
  • Family wedding-this may be the last one in our immediate family so it will be very exciting and a great chance to see the whole family.
  • A nice climate. No more scorching weather outside and freezing ac inside! Ha ha ha.

August 2016: Things to look forward to…


http://www.dreamstime.com/royalty-free-stock-photography-august-image12823937August came too fast…just like all the other months this year! But, it is here and, although I want summer to slow down and go on forever, I still welcome it. Here are the things I am looking forward to this month:

  • My sister and her family departing and a return to a normal life and cleaner, calmer house!
  • Debt reduction plan progress. Looking forward to hitting that next milestone.
  • Vacation days. I am going to book off some vacation time this month so I can just slow down and breathe.
  • Summer garden progress. Things have been picking up in the garden in July but I think it will be in August that we see a lot of produce!
  • Joining the gym this month.
  • Family time during raksha bandhan.

August 2015: Things to look forward to…


After all the hustle and bustle of July and craziness at work and home, I am hoping to relax in August! After all, it is prime vacation time but I am not sure if I will be able to slow down due to work projects. Despite that, I still plan to enjoy a few things during this 8th month. Sometimes you do need to slow down and smell the roses, as they say. Well, here are my roses:

  • One of my best friends is coming to town for a visit from Asia. I look forward to catching up with her.
  • I am going to make sure I get some time off this month or at least book some off for down the road. Just booking it will give me something to look forward to.
  • Debt reduction. My husband and I are attacking debt. Just watching this number drop every few weeks is something to look forward to!
  • Now that my niece and nephew are gone,  I plan to return to watching what I eat as I have gained 3 lbs! I look forward to seeing the numbers dip down again.
  • Raksha bandhan is on Saturday August 29th. Will plan a dinner or lunch event for my siblings!
  • Time with my husband. It has been hard to get some good quality time alone with all the craziness that went down in July and all the social activities that took place in June. We had a beautiful 5 day amazing trip together and I am hoping to carve out more time for us. Maybe a few at home movie nights are in order!
  • Am looking forward to feeling better. Since my car accident I have been suffering and started seeing a chiropractor in July. The doctor has recommended to continue with this and add in massages. Am hoping I will start feeling like myself again sometime this month.
  • Now that the kids are gone the yard can be worked upon again (they kept messing things up!). I plan to harvest many more cucumbers, herbs, tomatoes etc from my garden patch as well as take care of the grass and flowers again.
  • Leisurely days….I hope I will get a few of these this month. I want nothing more than to have a few days where I have nothing on the agenda!
  • Home cooking. Now that my sister has left, the kitchen can be mine again! I look forward to cooking some nice healthy meals.