September 2017: Things to look forward to…


August went by in a flash and was coloured by the pain and mobility issues that took over my life. Now September is here and I am hoping for a fresh start-and am feeling much better as well. Here are the things I have to look forward to this month:

  • Visit to my old workplace! My old boss has been asking me to drop by for a few weeks. Am finally ready to go and catch up with everyone-will be nice to see them all.
  • Finding out if I will be paid by my insurance company for taking this medical leave-if yes, it will be a huge relief. If not, I need to figure out what the next step is.
  • My sisters and I are planning two separate catch ups with two separate groups of cousins we do not see often-should be fun. Always great to expand your female circle I say!
  • Babyshower! Am looking forward to this event which will be all about our little guy.
  • Back and leg pain improvement? I have seen a huge improvement since going to chiro regularly. Am hoping I will be able to walk again or even be pain free at some point this month…which means I can maybe even try to enjoy the time off I have?
  • Baby development and progress. Am hoping all continues to be well with the little one and we get closer and closer to the big day-will have regular doctor’s appointments from now on.
  • Getting a step or two closer to my husband’s dream of buying a residence in his home country.
  • Ongoing legal issue resolved. I have had an ongoing legal issue drag out for a few years and this is the month we finally have our time in court and get it resolved. Thank goodness I can put it behind me.

More changes and baby gender reveal…


Argh! My family doctor was the one who told me just recently that my due date would be in October. She also referred me to a specific OB GYN as she does not deliver babies herself. I went to see him yesterday and he let me know it is difficult to get a real due date based on the recent scans I did as they are most accurate at the start of pregnancy and less so now. However, he said, we will have to keep monitoring me to make sure all is well and get a good idea as to when the baby will come as we go! So, now I may need another ultrasound down the road and my due date is going to be somewhere between Oct 28 and Nov 15. I thought I was 31 weeks but now may be back at 29. So disappointing!

I also learned that the gender of the baby is most likely to be male (they said they cannot confirm 100% as we are late to do the scan…in India it was illegal). I am not going to lie…I was a bit disappointed as my husband and I really wanted a girl. Somehow I am not surprised, however, as I never seem to get exactly what I want. We are both happy the baby is healthy, though, and are sure a boy will be great too. I had planned a fun gender reveal cake with the family but my sister spilled the beans and ruined it all for me. I am very angry at her as she knew I was really looking forward to it. She was in town for the family wedding and has now left. I am so angry I have not talked to her since…nor have any desire to do so. I am sure it will pass but for now I am not ready to deal with her.

In other baby news, my baby shower guests have been invited and the big day will be the last Sunday in September. I started working on a baby registry but am overwhelmed by all the products out there. Which do I really need?! Luckily I still have time to put it together…and my back and leg issues are improving with chiropractic care (thank goodness!). For now I am just trying to stay healthy and keep busy. Waiting for a baby sure is a hard thing to do!

Start of the 8th month and nothing to do…


I am 78% of the way to 40 weeks!! Secretly hoping baby comes at least 1 week early and dodges being a Scorpio!! Ha ha 🙂

So I have just started my 8th month of pregnancy and had to take a medical leave due to my severe mobility issues caused by leg and back pain. I could barely walk for the last two weeks and had horrid shooting pains to my knee. I am slowly improving but unlikely to be 100% until after the baby is born. It is horrible but am feeling hopeful as I have noticed improvement last week. I am hoping this week will be even better. But, despite that, my work  has totally supported me in taking time off until after mat leave. So, here I am. Today is Monday and my first day officially off work. I cannot move much so cannot do much and wonder how I will pass the time for the next few months.

Since university I have always had a job (except a brief 3 month period which was painful) and I think I may go a little crazy. It is only August 28th. I have a baby shower to look forward to near the end of September but that is about it. Also, my husband has found a fancy new job since we returned to the country so he will be occupied. Everyone else I know is working, of course, so I think I may be a super bored lady very soon. Am dreading the long hours that will leave me to fixate and focus on the pregnancy and how many long long long weeks still lie ahead.

I guess I should be grateful for a supportive workplace, that I have an opportunity to rest with at least some pay, and should be quiet. Some people, I am sure, would be thrilled to get this chance. Anyway, will have much more time to post on this blog and do baby research which I have avoided all this time!

Due date change…


I am thrilled. This baby is coming out sooner than I expected. The last time I was given a due date it was November 15th. Now, after an ultrasound, I am moved back to October 28th which means I am 31 weeks in a few days. I could not be happier as I have had enough of being pregnant and I am impatient to see my little munchkin.

In the last while I have been busy at home on vacation and with a family wedding. Unfortunately, all the family wedding guests and activities left my leg pain feeling worse so I did not enjoy this special time very much. However, this week I have been taking it easy and have been going to chiro regularly and feel much improved. My workplace and doctor recommended I take a medical leave as I will not be able to do my job so…I am off work until this baby is born.

Of course, that is not so great financially but my work may be able to help with that. I am still waiting to hear the news on if that will be a go or not. My husband is also eager to get back to work since he was a house husband these last few months. Regardless, it is not a good time to be overseas away from home and my family when I am still dealing with these pain issues…especially if they take a downturn again. However, I worry about what I will do for the next two months. Being idle is not something I am good at. Lately I have also been feeling very uncomfortable…something more noticeable when you are not busy. Anyway, we will see…

In other news, now that I am staying home, my sisters are excited to put together a baby shower for me. They have set the date and began to send out invitations. I was asked to do my baby registry…talk about overwhelming! I do not know where to start to be honest. I will have to do some Googling and connecting with the recent mothers I know.

Again, I am just thrilled to have the due date move up. Am hoping there is even a possibility our bundle of joy can arrive a week or two earlier…but not too early, of course!

Second trimester recap…


Another trimester has passed. Thank goodness. Just one third left. Although I cannot lie and must say I had it pretty easy, it still sucked compared to normal life despite being one of the easy trimesters. Most of the time I did not feel pregnant at all but knew I was so had to be aware. Since I also moved to India during this time there was always a sense of worry about unhygienic food, bumps and jostles on the road, the heat, navigating the foreign medical system, Zika virus which suddenly was confirmed to be present in the country after a month of me arriving, etc etc etc. It is not fun to always have some worry looming. However, I did my best to ignore it all. Here is what did happen though:

  • I had little to no weight gain which is odd but the doctor said it was fine as long as the baby was developing. My shape did change though and a bump began to develop. Just seemed to pop out one day.
  • My second level ultrasound-as they called it-changed my due date by a few days but all was well.
  • They had me do the chromosome abnormalities test and all seemed low risk.
  • Brushing my teeth made me gag almost daily as did some awful smells.
  • I puked once but I think that was food poisoning.
  • No cravings and no big desire to eat…and I always felt full fast.
  • Towards 24 weeks I began to get back and leg pain.
  • Only once or twice did I experience mood swings…until more recently when the leg pain got bad.
  • Baby began moving a bit at first but now all the time. Can even be seen and felt from the outside now.
  • Very recently my leg pain became horrible and has been determined to be SI joint pain. It is awful and I am seeing a chiropractor who specializes in pregnant women to help with it. I also am taking Tylenol for now to manage the pain until it becomes bearable…supposedly in a few weeks BUT other doctors say I will be stuck with it until after the baby is born! This news has been my worst nightmare as it means I may not be able to return to work (currently on vacation).

Well, that is a run down of the second trimester as I experienced it. It was not bad at all I would say until the leg pain issue came up. I am back home on vacation which has been great. I did the first part of the glucose test and the results were slightly out of range so will have to go back and do the 3 hour test…not looking forward to that! My regular doctor is also having me do an ultrasound this week. I hope it will give me a due date since mine has changed so many times that I now have no idea when it is. I hope it is according to my LMP and will be around October 28 instead of mid-November where it is now. I am also very excited as we will FINALLY learn the gender of our little munchkin (something that was illegal in India). We are going to have the technician seal the gender in an envelope and do a fancy reveal event with the family! They have not been so involved lately as I moved away so are very excited. Hopefully this leg issue will resolve and it will be smooth sailing until the baby is born.

The pregnancy hormones are hitting…


All this time I have been pregnant, I have been pretty cool…cool as a cucumber, in fact. However, for the last week or so I have started to develop back pain. This pain has been shooting down my leg and has made walking very difficult. I am looking into it and hope to figure out exactly what it is and how to get rid of it but the frustration has thrown me into an emotional tizzy.

I think the distress and pregnancy hormones combined have disrupted my well balanced mood and unleashed a monster…and all is being directed at my poor husband. The little annoying things he does set me over the edge! He has been doing all kinds of unnecessary things lately that have been upsetting me. However, I need to catch myself/my reactions to him and stop at once and respond in my usual way if I disagree instead of unleashing a torrent of rage or tears. I know I am being over the top but just cannot seem to stop myself at the time. I think this may be part of the pregnancy hormones and mood swings that I have heard about.

I am hoping by being aware I can try to control myself. Pregnancy is no fun. I have had it relatively easy but am sick of this and ready to be done with it. Nine months really seems to be a long time. Modern science should find a way to focus on making it shorter and more tolerable! However, I suppose if we want a global population decrease to save the planet then we ought to leave it be and tell the truth more about how miserable and unappealing the 9 months are-even if one is like me and it is not so miserable. Ha ha ha. Of course, the cute little monkey you get at the end is what people keep saying makes it worth it so that is a hard one to beat despite the not so fun 9 months. Anyway, hanging in there and hoping to be a nicer person to my poor hubby. Wish me luck!

The best and worst things about living in New Delhi…


Before I get a heap of hate mail, please note that this post, like everything else on this site, is MY OPINION only. I have been living in Delhi for about 3 months now and thought it is a good time to share some of my reflections on what seems great and what is not so great. So, here we go:

The Bad:

  • Traffic. There is a nasty amount of traffic all about and it is way worse when it rains. I hate it. I have been to other places in India, like Chandigarh, that do not really have this problem and, man oh man, am I jealous.
  • Public urination. Now, I am not talking about areas with no facilities or options, I am talking about men just deciding to go for it against any wall at any time. Hate seeing it…and hate smelling it.
  • Middle aged entitled men. Due to my work I have to deal with many middle aged, entitled, sexist men who, in my opinion of course, are ridiculous. They irritate me beyond belief with their smugness and entitlement. Working with them is hell…it really is.
  • Most men in general. India has a long way to go in terms of gender equality so observing and dealing with men can be annoying. This country can really benefit from more women in power or more women of influence.
  • Poverty. The last time I was in India was about 10 years ago. Things have definitely improved but it is still hard to deal with seeing extreme poverty on a daily basis and not feel like crap.
  • Indian newspapers. These things can be the most depressing things in the world. Each daily paper is full of gang rapes/rapes, murders, corruption, and other nightmares. Yes, there is the regular news too but no where in the world have I seen such a high amount of awful stories.
  • No line ups. Lining up is not a thing. It can be frustrating to finally get your turn at the bank or cell phone store and people budge in front or interrupt your transaction. Argh!

The Good:

  • Delhi has it all. This major metropolis is easy to live in in various ways. You can get what you want and need if you know where to look unlike many other places in the world where things just may not exist.
  • English. Compared to other parts of the world, and India, you can get by in English most of the time.
  • Food. Any kind of food at any time is yours to have-from western fast food to ethnic foods (although you will not get beef, of course). Food is also super delicious and cheap (and possibly more hygienic standards are followed due to gov’t changes and campaigns compared to other locations). Some other places in India have more limited options but here is dining delight.
  • Ice coffee. So good!
  • Service. India has some world class service I must say. Not everywhere, of course, but in places catering to visitors it is amazing.
  • Transportation systems. Yes there is mad traffic but there is no shortage of ways to travel from planes, trains, bikes, boats, UBER, camels and horses, taxis, to autos/rickshaws and mopeds. You can always get to where you want…eventually.
  • Cost of living. Okay so rent is sky high where I live and probably high elsewhere but the cost of living for everything else has been great. I am able to work and live here, live quite well, and save money.
  • Cheap travel and weekend getaways. There are plenty of amazing places to go see for weekend getaways. All have something interesting to offer.
  • Shopping. Am not a fan of shopping but if you are…you are in luck. There are all kinds of things to buy from western products, trinkets, to clothes and jewels.