DSC03650I love Istanbul! This city is one of my favourite cities in the world to visit and hang out in. It has a bit of everything but still has a special flavour.

I can spend days just wandering around different parts of the city and just throw myself into daily living. I can sit by the sea and watch families playing and couples strolling. I can watch buses of tourists line up to see ancient mosques and palaces. I can listen to various foreign languages or, in the summer, enjoy free entertainment in tourist zones. I can watch students heading off to class or old men going off to prayers. Women go about their business in headscarves or without.

Connecting Europe with Asia

Connecting Europe with Asia

I can snack all day. Cheap vendors sell everything you could want on the street from corn to roasted chestnuts to bread. I especially like cheese toast (basically a grilled cheese sandwich for a lira or two) which I can eat every single day at the cheap eateries. I can also find food from all over the world if I get sick of local cuisine and snacks.

Summer is warm and wonderful and winter was not so bad either. I love this city and want to share some snapshots. My husband and I had many romantic times in Turkey so it is always dear to my heart. I look forward to going back again!

DSC03604  DSC03644















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