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Second trimester recap…


Another trimester has passed. Thank goodness. Just one third left. Although I cannot lie and must say I had it pretty easy, it still sucked compared to normal life despite being one of the easy trimesters. Most of the time I did not feel pregnant at all but knew I was so had to be aware. Since I also moved to India during this time there was always a sense of worry about unhygienic food, bumps and jostles on the road, the heat, navigating the foreign medical system, Zika virus which suddenly was confirmed to be present in the country after a month of me arriving, etc etc etc. It is not fun to always have some worry looming. However, I did my best to ignore it all. Here is what did happen though:

  • I had little to no weight gain which is odd but the doctor said it was fine as long as the baby was developing. My shape did change though and a bump began to develop. Just seemed to pop out one day.
  • My second level ultrasound-as they called it-changed my due date by a few days but all was well.
  • They had me do the chromosome abnormalities test and all seemed low risk.
  • Brushing my teeth made me gag almost daily as did some awful smells.
  • I puked once but I think that was food poisoning.
  • No cravings and no big desire to eat…and I always felt full fast.
  • Towards 24 weeks I began to get back and leg pain.
  • Only once or twice did I experience mood swings…until more recently when the leg pain got bad.
  • Baby began moving a bit at first but now all the time. Can even be seen and felt from the outside now.
  • Very recently my leg pain became horrible and has been determined to be SI joint pain. It is awful and I am seeing a chiropractor who specializes in pregnant women to help with it. I also am taking Tylenol for now to manage the pain until it becomes bearable…supposedly in a few weeks BUT other doctors say I will be stuck with it until after the baby is born! This news has been my worst nightmare as it means I may not be able to return to work (currently on vacation).

Well, that is a run down of the second trimester as I experienced it. It was not bad at all I would say until the leg pain issue came up. I am back home on vacation which has been great. I did the first part of the glucose test and the results were slightly out of range so will have to go back and do the 3 hour test…not looking forward to that! My regular doctor is also having me do an ultrasound this week. I hope it will give me a due date since mine has changed so many times that I now have no idea when it is. I hope it is according to my LMP and will be around October 28 instead of mid-November where it is now. I am also very excited as we will FINALLY learn the gender of our little munchkin (something that was illegal in India). We are going to have the technician seal the gender in an envelope and do a fancy reveal event with the family! They have not been so involved lately as I moved away so are very excited. Hopefully this leg issue will resolve and it will be smooth sailing until the baby is born.

The pregnancy hormones are hitting…


All this time I have been pregnant, I have been pretty cool…cool as a cucumber, in fact. However, for the last week or so I have started to develop back pain. This pain has been shooting down my leg and has made walking very difficult. I am looking into it and hope to figure out exactly what it is and how to get rid of it but the frustration has thrown me into an emotional tizzy.

I think the distress and pregnancy hormones combined have disrupted my well balanced mood and unleashed a monster…and all is being directed at my poor husband. The little annoying things he does set me over the edge! He has been doing all kinds of unnecessary things lately that have been upsetting me. However, I need to catch myself/my reactions to him and stop at once and respond in my usual way if I disagree instead of unleashing a torrent of rage or tears. I know I am being over the top but just cannot seem to stop myself at the time. I think this may be part of the pregnancy hormones and mood swings that I have heard about.

I am hoping by being aware I can try to control myself. Pregnancy is no fun. I have had it relatively easy but am sick of this and ready to be done with it. Nine months really seems to be a long time. Modern science should find a way to focus on making it shorter and more tolerable! However, I suppose if we want a global population decrease to save the planet then we ought to leave it be and tell the truth more about how miserable and unappealing the 9 months are-even if one is like me and it is not so miserable. Ha ha ha. Of course, the cute little monkey you get at the end is what people keep saying makes it worth it so that is a hard one to beat despite the not so fun 9 months. Anyway, hanging in there and hoping to be a nicer person to my poor hubby. Wish me luck!

The best and worst things about living in New Delhi…


Before I get a heap of hate mail, please note that this post, like everything else on this site, is MY OPINION only. I have been living in Delhi for about 3 months now and thought it is a good time to share some of my reflections on what seems great and what is not so great. So, here we go:

The Bad:

  • Traffic. There is a nasty amount of traffic all about and it is way worse when it rains. I hate it. I have been to other places in India, like Chandigarh, that do not really have this problem and, man oh man, am I jealous.
  • Public urination. Now, I am not talking about areas with no facilities or options, I am talking about men just deciding to go for it against any wall at any time. Hate seeing it…and hate smelling it.
  • Middle aged entitled men. Due to my work I have to deal with many middle aged, entitled, sexist men who, in my opinion of course, are ridiculous. They irritate me beyond belief with their smugness and entitlement. Working with them is hell…it really is.
  • Most men in general. India has a long way to go in terms of gender equality so observing and dealing with men can be annoying. This country can really benefit from more women in power or more women of influence.
  • Poverty. The last time I was in India was about 10 years ago. Things have definitely improved but it is still hard to deal with seeing extreme poverty on a daily basis and not feel like crap.
  • Indian newspapers. These things can be the most depressing things in the world. Each daily paper is full of gang rapes/rapes, murders, corruption, and other nightmares. Yes, there is the regular news too but no where in the world have I seen such a high amount of awful stories.
  • No line ups. Lining up is not a thing. It can be frustrating to finally get your turn at the bank or cell phone store and people budge in front or interrupt your transaction. Argh!

The Good:

  • Delhi has it all. This major metropolis is easy to live in in various ways. You can get what you want and need if you know where to look unlike many other places in the world where things just may not exist.
  • English. Compared to other parts of the world, and India, you can get by in English most of the time.
  • Food. Any kind of food at any time is yours to have-from western fast food to ethnic foods (although you will not get beef, of course). Food is also super delicious and cheap (and possibly more hygienic standards are followed due to gov’t changes and campaigns compared to other locations). Some other places in India have more limited options but here is dining delight.
  • Ice coffee. So good!
  • Service. India has some world class service I must say. Not everywhere, of course, but in places catering to visitors it is amazing.
  • Transportation systems. Yes there is mad traffic but there is no shortage of ways to travel from planes, trains, bikes, boats, UBER, camels and horses, taxis, to autos/rickshaws and mopeds. You can always get to where you want…eventually.
  • Cost of living. Okay so rent is sky high where I live and probably high elsewhere but the cost of living for everything else has been great. I am able to work and live here, live quite well, and save money.
  • Cheap travel and weekend getaways. There are plenty of amazing places to go see for weekend getaways. All have something interesting to offer.
  • Shopping. Am not a fan of shopping but if you are…you are in luck. There are all kinds of things to buy from western products, trinkets, to clothes and jewels.

July recap and August 2017 things to look forward to…


July was amazing. My pregnancy progressed well, work was exciting, I did a lot of local travelling and exploring, and my husband and sister were here to keep me company. We had wonderful meals and nights out all over India. I have been so occupied that I have not had time to write about all the adventures here so will have to try to do so another time. Already it is July 30th and time to write about what I look forward to in August. Here are a few things:

  • Home for a visit! Three weeks back in North America sounds like heaven right now. Am looking forward to my favourite food and meeting my favourite people.
  • Check in with a western doctor! This means I can finally find out the baby’s gender and get a real due date rather than a range. Plus since I still have my healthcare I can do all the necessary tests I have been holding off on.
  • Family wedding-this may be the last one in our immediate family so it will be very exciting and a great chance to see the whole family.
  • A nice climate. No more scorching weather outside and freezing ac inside! Ha ha ha.

Jumping & jiving baby after 24 weeks…


A short while back I hit the 24 weeks pregnant mark. I am not going to lie-I was happy to hit half way at 20 weeks-but 24 weeks felt like more of a milestone. It may be 6 months-or not depending on who you listen to and how it is all calculated.

Anyway, a few weeks before the 24 week mark, I started feeling some small flutters in my stomach. I only noticed them at night when perfectly still and was not really sure if this was movement or not. Kind of felt like gas gurgling about. It almost felt like a baby bird lifting its wings for the first time and that is it. Then, after a while, the feeling upgraded to a fish swishing a tail. Now, I feel like the baby is regularly jumping around! A few movements even startle me.

It is such an odd thing but also really neat. So far all is continuing to go well with the pregnancy other than my stomach seemed to pop out suddenly around 23 weeks. Due to that rolling over is much harder and I had a bit of back pain. Still regularly choking down the nasty pre-natals and being patient.

I am sure November will be here in no time but before then I can look forward to the other milestones and a fun baby shower (or so I hope as my sisters sure can be drama queens)! Each Thursday I look forward to reading the weekly baby progress reports on the 3 pregnancy apps I have on my phone. Currently, our little sweetheart is the size of an ear of corn!

Weekend getaway to Udaipur…


Typical Rajastani style art

I have been much busier at work recently. In the last while I was invited to a few networking events (based around embassy balls and receptions for the most part) and they were great. You get to dress up and party for a night…and hand out your business card like crazy. Unfortunately, due to the pregnancy, I cannot drink. How I miss my pinot noir!

The famous City Palace. Great museum in there.

With all the socializing and extra hours put in technically “for work” I decided it was time for a much needed weekend getaway. Also, it was anniversary time so my husband and I (plus my visiting sister) did a scan of India weather at the top getaway spots (since weather can make or break a trip here) and decided to fly over to Udaipur in Rajastan. This is a place I have always wanted to go.

At Jag Mandir-a gorgeous property-in the middle of the lake.

The flight from Delhi was super quick-about an hour and five minutes-but there was traffic on the tarmac. The return flight is an hour and twenty minutes and there were all kinds of delays. It would have been a very cheap flight but we booked last minute so costs went up. Udaipur is just gorgeous. It is the land of lakes and kings and is considered the most romantic city in India-the Venice of the East. I totally understand why! It is probably one of the most fabulous places I have ever been.

The city is full of gorgeous old palaces that were built by Rajput kings starting in the 16th century near man made lakes. Many have been restored and operate as hotels. There is far too much to see in just three days but we mapped out our main desires and made sure to make them happen so that everyone was a happy camper.

We visited the City Palace (must see!), took a lake cruise, had a fancy dinner at the famous Oberoi to celebrate the anniversary, had a few delicious lakeside lunches including one at a questionable establishment (but it turned out to be the yummiest and the cheapest!), saw a local live performance featuring folk dances and arts, took a camel ride, visited the famous Jagdish mandir, and got in some shopping. Totally ideal trip-a mix of everything.

Our hotel, just at the edge of town, was not an expensive luxury hotel but was very comfortable, well located, had great wifi, and had a nice breakfast which got us started in the morning. Uber worked in Udaipur and there were plenty of autos available as well. You do have to do some harder negotiating with the drivers as they-and shop keepers-are used to tourists and will inflate prices A LOT!

We had an incredible time and I highly recommend it to anyone visiting India. Thus far, it is my favourite place so far!

Lake Palace Hotel-once a palace-where the James Bond film OCTOPUSSY was made.

June is over?! Plus July things to look forward to…


Where did the time go this June? I guess I have been busy this last while. Recently, my work has gotten more interesting which has been great. Plus, I have learned to schedule in one interesting thing or meeting-personal or professional-each day which keeps things moving. My job is still quite easy, though, but at least it is becoming enjoyable. I also finally connected with my dear friend that I mentioned in my June things to look forward to post as well. We had a few nice meals and chats-then she had to fly overseas for some job interviews. Since I last wrote, my husband also returned to join me here. While it has only been a few days, we have been keeping busy together. The other great news is that the monsoon time is here so the weather is much better.

Now that July is around the corner, time to create my things to look forward to post for July 2017:

  • Embassy celebrations! July is the month of Canada Day and Independence Day. As an expat with work that is connected to the government, I have been invited to the local balls etc. Should be an interesting experience!
  • Sister’s visit. Once of my sisters is visiting for all of July. We should have a fun month.
  • Domestic travel. This month I am doing quite a bit of travel for work and because of my sister’s visit. Will be great to see more of India.
  • Shopping. Been waiting for my sister but we hope to do some shopping for some family events in August.
  • Long weekends and busy work days. I saved up some banked time and holiday time for July which is great but also means when I do go to work, I should be busy as a bee.
  • Pregnancy progress. I am now past 5 months and can feel my little guy or gal move. Not too much of a baby bump yet but look forward to seeing what is next.
  • 6 year wedding anniversary. We will be celebrating this milestone on a beach I hope!

Am sure there will be many interesting things going on this month and will try to make time to write. If nothing else, my computer will sure to be full of great photos and memories 🙂