2018 Goal One: Cook off!


As I mentioned in my last post, I want to use my maternity leave time wisely. So, I have decided to come up with some goals for the year. After some careful thinking, I am starting with my first goal: learn to cook more things! I have never been the best cook. My husband is great at it and complains about almost everything I make. I am not too worried about him but now that I have a baby, I want to learn to make a few decent homemade meals that will come in handy as he grows up. Thus, my first goal was clear.

I have started by creating a list of a few key items to learn to make. After all, I will end up delaying and delaying otherwise and do not want to cram all the learning in at the end of the year. Another way I am discouraging procrastination is to set up some fun parameters around the goal. In this case I am going to ensure that 1). I learn at least two new dishes per month and 2). that I host a dinner party (small or large) at least three times this year to show off my new skills. The first one will be in early February for my husband’s birthday.

So far I have learned to cook a creamy spinach pasta and, just today, I made some mini-cheesecakes. Two were coffee flavoured, one was plain, one was chocolate swirl, and the last was peanut butter with chocolate swirl. I ate the peanut butter one and it was really great. It was also very easy so no more spending 10$ on a single slice of cheesecake from the dessert shop any more. Maybe, in addition to more natural healthy food, I will also save some money?!

Anyway, for the first dinner party I am planning a Greek theme! I have already reached out to a friend for her spanokopita recipe and will track down some kefalograviera cheese for the saganaki. The Greek salad should be easy enough but will need to figure out which mains to prepare for the vegetarians and non-vegetarians. Finding the Greek wine will be easy enough! May have to skip the Greek dessert though as it is not may favourite. More cheesecake, perhaps? We will see!! Am looking forward to my cooking adventures!


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