Mat leave goals…


I cannot believe two months have passed since our little guy was born! Time seems to have just flown by. Baby has gained a few pounds, gone through many diapers, had his first shots, and chugged heaps of milk. He is getting stronger and more alert each day. My life seems a bit strange and unrecognizable…and I do not know who I will be when the months go by but I am not disturbed by it.

The good news is that: 1). I have recovered from the nerve pain and can walk normally again. 2). Christmas was low key but great. I got the single serve coffee maker I wanted and a fancy panini press for great grilled cheese sandwiches (yummy!). 3). Our baby’s reflux issues have also calmed down a bit now that we have switched formula and are trying a new medicine. Unfortunately, he still spits it all up at least once a day and can only handle a max of 3 ounces per feeding. Hopefully this will improve, though, and he will begin to gain weight normally.

Now that the holidays are done with and things feel more stable with the baby, I am ready to rejoin the real world and look forward again. I will have 10 more months off before my paid maternity leave is complete. I, of course, will spend heaps of time taking care of my little one but also want to do some good things this year. So, I need to come up with some great mat leave goals. In the next while I will be thinking about this more carefully so I can focus my attention in the right place. Any ideas?


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