Bye 2017…hello 2018!!


2017 is gone. I will miss it. It was a great year. We had so many blessings in our lives. My husband obtained his citizenship and got his passport, I got my dream foreign assignment job, we became pregnant, we flew over Niagara Falls in a helicopter, we moved to India for 3 months, we paid off our debts and saved a big chunk of money, we traveled all over India, we enjoyed a family wedding, my husband visited his home country after 6 years, we had our baby, and we bought an apartment in my husband’s home city. Amazing! What a year!

There were some bad things as well, of course. Both of us had family members who had issues recently and I had horrible pain towards the end of the pregnancy. The good obviously outweighed the bad.

Now it is the first day of 2018. I am hoping this year will also be a great one…probably not quite as exciting as I am on maternity leave during most of it but still!

Wishing everyone a very happy new year and the best for 2018 🙂


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