Hard to get into the Christmas spirit…


The weather has been great. I have not been to many malls or stores. I have not been socializing much. I am spending most of my time with my new baby. Could these be the reasons it just does not seem like Christmas is less than 10 days away? This is the first year in quite some time that I feel like I have not gotten into the Christmas spirit. In fact, I just finished putting up the tree a few days ago (and it felt like an obligation more than a pleasure). However, yesterday my husband and I got all dressed up and took the baby down to the local mall for his first photo with Santa. He looked a little grumpy in it but it was nice.

We have had a great year so decided to buy gifts that are a bit more special this year. For each family member we splurged a little and think everyone will be delighted come Christmas. I managed to get everything in the last few days as I have not been in the shopping mood. I have also realized there is very little I want myself and I am very content. I am not very interested in material things but my heart always longs to travel and explore. I am guessing we will have some adventures in 2018. However, my family insisted I produce somewhat of a wish list to help them so the top item I asked for was a single cup coffee machine like a Kuerig or Tassimo. This will make my new maternity leave life a lot easier!

Anyway, hopefully the Christmas mood will hit me in the next few days!


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