Just like in a bad horror movie…it’s BACK!!


Ahhhhh! I could just scream. Around September 21 or so my pregnancy related back and leg pain finally was resolved after at least a good 6 weeks of chiropractic treatment. Now, this week, all of a sudden it is back! This time it is not on the left side but the right side. Supposedly it is because my body is getting ready for labor. I just want to cry. It really really hurts.

In my last post I did a lot of venting and mentioned at least I was not suffering physically anymore…ha ha ha… I spoke too soon. I am now wishing for last week!!! However, I am stuck with this reality now. Tomorrow I have a chiropractor appointment booked anyway (I dropped down to once a week just in case rather than quitting cold turkey) and will have to start from the beginning again…on the other side of my body. Luckily I am 36 weeks pregnant and if the baby comes out sooner rather than later I hope this issue will be resolved that way FOREVER. At least I pray so. This is awful.

Time is ticking slowly by and am trying to keep busy but this pain is making it hard as I am already starting to see the mobility issues which makes me just want to sit home. This time the onset was so sudden as well. If only I had two or three more weeks!

I am just dying to have this baby now. I would love to GET IT OUT asap but know I cannot. The only good news I have is that some of my mucus plug has come out in the last day or two. I am hoping this means baby will be following soon….but I know it could still be weeks. 😦

Anyways, pregnancy sucks. Cannot wait to be done and to meet my little guy who I know will be worth it but, it sure is hard to be positive in the moment! Hope everyone else is enjoying life more than I am right now.


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