Okay…just going to accept it…


This morning I felt really down and I cried. I let myself cry as it felt really good. Like a big release of stress and tension. I am now 35 weeks pregnant. My LMP was January 21 so my due date should have been October 28th. I moved to India for work at the end of my first trimester and did my scans there. They gave me some due dates in early November. Okay, fine, but I did not really believe it.

Then I came back to North America for a family event and suddenly had back and leg issues which put me out on medical leave early. This was August. I started seeing the local doctor again. He reviewed my medical records from India and did his own assessments. I am happy to report I recently passed the glucose test (thank goodness as I really did not want to deal with all that!).

Last month my doctor said they would keep an eye on me to determine my REAL due date as the information was conflicting in all the reports and earlier tests were more accurate so October was looking good. Earlier this week he says my due date will probably be November 14. I wanted to punch him in the face. November 14 is just so far it seems and I am so sick and tired of being pregnant and doing nothing all day. My back and leg pain has been mostly resolved thanks to my chiropractor but the clock watching, boredom, and general discomfort is driving me over the edge. I was REALLY hoping everything was wrong and October it would be…just so I can finally be DONE but no such luck. I have just HAD it and want to see this baby but now I just need to accept it will be November and find a way to get through. I have never been so miserable (not physically thankfully) before. It is so hard for me not to be productive and doing something with my life. I cannot seem to do much due to the pregnancy though…Pregnancy really needs to be 6 months tops! They have got to find a way.

In other news, I have washed all the laundry for the baby, set up everything for him, and registered at the hospital. Baby is still head down and moving a lot. My belly also grew a lot all of a sudden and I have a real looking baby bump. In the past it was very slow. I also started to finally gain a bit of weight whereas up until now I was losing it or staying the same. Blood tests also have shown my iron, which was great a few months ago, has plummeted recently but the doctor says it is not a big deal as the hemoglobin levels are still high but I can take iron tablets if I want. I started as I am sure they will benefit me even afterwards as I am prone to low iron. Kind of sucks as it took me forever to get to a good level. Oh well.

Anyway, just needed to vent and already feel a bit better. I realize I go a bit mad if I am not keeping busy. Will need to find some things to do…which is hard because the things I would usually want to do I am physically incapable of doing. Sigh…pregnancy really sucks in the third trimester.


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