My baby shower!


As much as I hate baby showers, I had a great time at my own! My two sisters were the hostesses and, I admit, had me a bit worried when they had to run around the morning of the event shopping for appetizers but all went well in the end. I had about 25-30 guests and felt a lot of positive vibes, got a lot of well wishes, tips, and advice. Best of all was connecting with all the wonderful ladies in my life (those that could attend, that is).

The theme of the day was a jungle animals theme. My sisters did a great job decorating and ordered cupcakes that had animal faces on them. They were so cute no one wanted to eat them. The most important thing, though, was that they tasted great. Ha ha ha. I was a bit worried the appies would not be enough but they were fine. My famous punch was a bit hit as always.

We did not play games (as I find them to be torturous and lame) but spent the first hour socializing as many knew each other already but there is not always time to connect. Then we had a fortune teller arrive. Ladies got to step into a private room with her and get a free reading (the older ladies loved it). Afterwards we would ask each other what she said and many ladies opened up about the issues they are dealing with so it was a great way to bond and connect over common themes. Some found her great and some said she was rubbish.

The last hour or so was spent opening gifts. I got spoiled with all kinds of cute things though almost no one purchased anything off my registry. It was fun to see all the baby stuff (and made it seem real) but I don’t like that much attention on me so it was a bit awkward. My husband had to work but he chimed in on Skype and the phone a few times.

Afterwards, the guests left and we did a quick clean up. That night my mom and sisters and I stayed up til 4 am chatting which we have not done in a long time. I must say these things definitely bring families closer together! As much as I hate baby showers, I am glad I had one as it has filled me with more love for all the fab ladies in my life.


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