Upcoming baby shower…


Okay…I have posted in the past about how much I hate baby showers. Of course, they are a reality of life and I attended those I had to attend. All of them were painful in some way or another and I could not wait to get away! Now my own baby shower is coming up. My two sisters were happy to host it but I told them I want it not to be a painful experience so no games! In fact, I just want it to be a chance for everyone to get together and spend some time together.

So, we will be hosting it on a Sunday afternoon at my parent’s house for 3 hours. We will have appetizers and cute cupcakes and punch and tea. The theme is baby jungle animals. I find it dull when the mom to be opens presents for most of the event but it seems everyone LOVES that so we will spend the last hour doing that. My sisters also hired a fortune teller to keep it interesting. She will be doing mini-readings for the guests.

We are expecting about 40 friends and family members. It will be great to see all of them. I am getting pretty excited about the event and about the baby. All these rituals and actually seeing the baby stuff is sure making this feel real!


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