Clock watching…


In the last while I have been trying to keep as busy as possible. Now that I am off work it is hard to pass the time…especially since I am still dependent on my crutches so more or less stuck at home most of the time. The good news is that I am seeing improvement with my back and legs but the bad news is that it is super slow and I am 4 weeks in and probably need at least 2-3 more weeks before I can be normal (if normal is even an option before the baby).

Anyway, to make sure the time passes, I try to schedule one thing to do per day. Often it is the chiro or a doctor appointment but the rest of the time it has been some of the items on my things to look forward to list for this month. For example, I already did both meet ups with the cousins (lots of fun and great to catch up), I visited my old workplace (so glad I do not work there anymore!), and I resolved the legal issue I had going on through a day of meetings (thank goodness). But, now I worry about how bored I will be and how much more aware of how uncomfortable I am getting in this third trimester. I worry the time til baby will feel like forever and forever without any good distractions.

Doing nothing and being bored has always gotten me down after awhile. I am not totally there yet but think I am on my way. I could do some online shopping for the baby but figure I better wait until after the baby shower as I am hoping people will actually buy me things on the registry rather than just random things…but we will see. Besides, I think I need to save something for October! As time goes on and I feel my stomach getting bigger, I sure am hoping the doctor is wrong and I am actually due in October and not November. Since the reports are contradicting there is a chance! So that would mean instead of 30.5 weeks I would be almost 33 weeks right now. Next week I have another appointment with the OB GYN and he said they will keep monitoring me to get a better idea as to when the baby will really come. Crossing my fingers for an earlier time!

Anyway, pregnancy definitely equals a lot of waiting…something I am not good at. Hopefully some interesting things will come my way to keep me distracted. Good luck to all the pregnant ladies out there…I do not envy any of them 🙂


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