September 2017: Things to look forward to…


August went by in a flash and was coloured by the pain and mobility issues that took over my life. Now September is here and I am hoping for a fresh start-and am feeling much better as well. Here are the things I have to look forward to this month:

  • Visit to my old workplace! My old boss has been asking me to drop by for a few weeks. Am finally ready to go and catch up with everyone-will be nice to see them all.
  • Finding out if I will be paid by my insurance company for taking this medical leave-if yes, it will be a huge relief. If not, I need to figure out what the next step is.
  • My sisters and I are planning two separate catch ups with two separate groups of cousins we do not see often-should be fun. Always great to expand your female circle I say!
  • Babyshower! Am looking forward to this event which will be all about our little guy.
  • Back and leg pain improvement? I have seen a huge improvement since going to chiro regularly. Am hoping I will be able to walk again or even be pain free at some point this month…which means I can maybe even try to enjoy the time off I have?
  • Baby development and progress. Am hoping all continues to be well with the little one and we get closer and closer to the big day-will have regular doctor’s appointments from now on.
  • Getting a step or two closer to my husband’s dream of buying a residence in his home country.
  • Ongoing legal issue resolved. I have had an ongoing legal issue drag out for a few years and this is the month we finally have our time in court and get it resolved. Thank goodness I can put it behind me.

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