More changes and baby gender reveal…


Argh! My family doctor was the one who told me just recently that my due date would be in October. She also referred me to a specific OB GYN as she does not deliver babies herself. I went to see him yesterday and he let me know it is difficult to get a real due date based on the recent scans I did as they are most accurate at the start of pregnancy and less so now. However, he said, we will have to keep monitoring me to make sure all is well and get a good idea as to when the baby will come as we go! So, now I may need another ultrasound down the road and my due date is going to be somewhere between Oct 28 and Nov 15. I thought I was 31 weeks but now may be back at 29. So disappointing!

I also learned that the gender of the baby is most likely to be male (they said they cannot confirm 100% as we are late to do the scan…in India it was illegal). I am not going to lie…I was a bit disappointed as my husband and I really wanted a girl. Somehow I am not surprised, however, as I never seem to get exactly what I want. We are both happy the baby is healthy, though, and are sure a boy will be great too. I had planned a fun gender reveal cake with the family but my sister spilled the beans and ruined it all for me. I am very angry at her as she knew I was really looking forward to it. She was in town for the family wedding and has now left. I am so angry I have not talked to her since…nor have any desire to do so. I am sure it will pass but for now I am not ready to deal with her.

In other baby news, my baby shower guests have been invited and the big day will be the last Sunday in September. I started working on a baby registry but am overwhelmed by all the products out there. Which do I really need?! Luckily I still have time to put it together…and my back and leg issues are improving with chiropractic care (thank goodness!). For now I am just trying to stay healthy and keep busy. Waiting for a baby sure is a hard thing to do!


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