Start of the 8th month and nothing to do…


I am 78% of the way to 40 weeks!! Secretly hoping baby comes at least 1 week early and dodges being a Scorpio!! Ha ha 🙂

So I have just started my 8th month of pregnancy and had to take a medical leave due to my severe mobility issues caused by leg and back pain. I could barely walk for the last two weeks and had horrid shooting pains to my knee. I am slowly improving but unlikely to be 100% until after the baby is born. It is horrible but am feeling hopeful as I have noticed improvement last week. I am hoping this week will be even better. But, despite that, my work  has totally supported me in taking time off until after mat leave. So, here I am. Today is Monday and my first day officially off work. I cannot move much so cannot do much and wonder how I will pass the time for the next few months.

Since university I have always had a job (except a brief 3 month period which was painful) and I think I may go a little crazy. It is only August 28th. I have a baby shower to look forward to near the end of September but that is about it. Also, my husband has found a fancy new job since we returned to the country so he will be occupied. Everyone else I know is working, of course, so I think I may be a super bored lady very soon. Am dreading the long hours that will leave me to fixate and focus on the pregnancy and how many long long long weeks still lie ahead.

I guess I should be grateful for a supportive workplace, that I have an opportunity to rest with at least some pay, and should be quiet. Some people, I am sure, would be thrilled to get this chance. Anyway, will have much more time to post on this blog and do baby research which I have avoided all this time!


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