Due date change…


I am thrilled. This baby is coming out sooner than I expected. The last time I was given a due date it was November 15th. Now, after an ultrasound, I am moved back to October 28th which means I am 31 weeks in a few days. I could not be happier as I have had enough of being pregnant and I am impatient to see my little munchkin.

In the last while I have been busy at home on vacation and with a family wedding. Unfortunately, all the family wedding guests and activities left my leg pain feeling worse so I did not enjoy this special time very much. However, this week I have been taking it easy and have been going to chiro regularly and feel much improved. My workplace and doctor recommended I take a medical leave as I will not be able to do my job so…I am off work until this baby is born.

Of course, that is not so great financially but my work may be able to help with that. I am still waiting to hear the news on if that will be a go or not. My husband is also eager to get back to work since he was a house husband these last few months. Regardless, it is not a good time to be overseas away from home and my family when I am still dealing with these pain issues…especially if they take a downturn again. However, I worry about what I will do for the next two months. Being idle is not something I am good at. Lately I have also been feeling very uncomfortable…something more noticeable when you are not busy. Anyway, we will see…

In other news, now that I am staying home, my sisters are excited to put together a baby shower for me. They have set the date and began to send out invitations. I was asked to do my baby registry…talk about overwhelming! I do not know where to start to be honest. I will have to do some Googling and connecting with the recent mothers I know.

Again, I am just thrilled to have the due date move up. Am hoping there is even a possibility our bundle of joy can arrive a week or two earlier…but not too early, of course!


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