Second trimester recap…


Another trimester has passed. Thank goodness. Just one third left. Although I cannot lie and must say I had it pretty easy, it still sucked compared to normal life despite being one of the easy trimesters. Most of the time I did not feel pregnant at all but knew I was so had to be aware. Since I also moved to India during this time there was always a sense of worry about unhygienic food, bumps and jostles on the road, the heat, navigating the foreign medical system, Zika virus which suddenly was confirmed to be present in the country after a month of me arriving, etc etc etc. It is not fun to always have some worry looming. However, I did my best to ignore it all. Here is what did happen though:

  • I had little to no weight gain which is odd but the doctor said it was fine as long as the baby was developing. My shape did change though and a bump began to develop. Just seemed to pop out one day.
  • My second level ultrasound-as they called it-changed my due date by a few days but all was well.
  • They had me do the chromosome abnormalities test and all seemed low risk.
  • Brushing my teeth made me gag almost daily as did some awful smells.
  • I puked once but I think that was food poisoning.
  • No cravings and no big desire to eat…and I always felt full fast.
  • Towards 24 weeks I began to get back and leg pain.
  • Only once or twice did I experience mood swings…until more recently when the leg pain got bad.
  • Baby began moving a bit at first but now all the time. Can even be seen and felt from the outside now.
  • Very recently my leg pain became horrible and has been determined to be SI joint pain. It is awful and I am seeing a chiropractor who specializes in pregnant women to help with it. I also am taking Tylenol for now to manage the pain until it becomes bearable…supposedly in a few weeks BUT other doctors say I will be stuck with it until after the baby is born! This news has been my worst nightmare as it means I may not be able to return to work (currently on vacation).

Well, that is a run down of the second trimester as I experienced it. It was not bad at all I would say until the leg pain issue came up. I am back home on vacation which has been great. I did the first part of the glucose test and the results were slightly out of range so will have to go back and do the 3 hour test…not looking forward to that! My regular doctor is also having me do an ultrasound this week. I hope it will give me a due date since mine has changed so many times that I now have no idea when it is. I hope it is according to my LMP and will be around October 28 instead of mid-November where it is now. I am also very excited as we will FINALLY learn the gender of our little munchkin (something that was illegal in India). We are going to have the technician seal the gender in an envelope and do a fancy reveal event with the family! They have not been so involved lately as I moved away so are very excited. Hopefully this leg issue will resolve and it will be smooth sailing until the baby is born.


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