The pregnancy hormones are hitting…


All this time I have been pregnant, I have been pretty cool…cool as a cucumber, in fact. However, for the last week or so I have started to develop back pain. This pain has been shooting down my leg and has made walking very difficult. I am looking into it and hope to figure out exactly what it is and how to get rid of it but the frustration has thrown me into an emotional tizzy.

I think the distress and pregnancy hormones combined have disrupted my well balanced mood and unleashed a monster…and all is being directed at my poor husband. The little annoying things he does set me over the edge! He has been doing all kinds of unnecessary things lately that have been upsetting me. However, I need to catch myself/my reactions to him and stop at once and respond in my usual way if I disagree instead of unleashing a torrent of rage or tears. I know I am being over the top but just cannot seem to stop myself at the time. I think this may be part of the pregnancy hormones and mood swings that I have heard about.

I am hoping by being aware I can try to control myself. Pregnancy is no fun. I have had it relatively easy but am sick of this and ready to be done with it. Nine months really seems to be a long time. Modern science should find a way to focus on making it shorter and more tolerable! However, I suppose if we want a global population decrease to save the planet then we ought to leave it be and tell the truth more about how miserable and unappealing the 9 months are-even if one is like me and it is not so miserable. Ha ha ha. Of course, the cute little monkey you get at the end is what people keep saying makes it worth it so that is a hard one to beat despite the not so fun 9 months. Anyway, hanging in there and hoping to be a nicer person to my poor hubby. Wish me luck!


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