The best and worst things about living in New Delhi…


Before I get a heap of hate mail, please note that this post, like everything else on this site, is MY OPINION only. I have been living in Delhi for about 3 months now and thought it is a good time to share some of my reflections on what seems great and what is not so great. So, here we go:

The Bad:

  • Traffic. There is a nasty amount of traffic all about and it is way worse when it rains. I hate it. I have been to other places in India, like Chandigarh, that do not really have this problem and, man oh man, am I jealous.
  • Public urination. Now, I am not talking about areas with no facilities or options, I am talking about men just deciding to go for it against any wall at any time. Hate seeing it…and hate smelling it.
  • Middle aged entitled men. Due to my work I have to deal with many middle aged, entitled, sexist men who, in my opinion of course, are ridiculous. They irritate me beyond belief with their smugness and entitlement. Working with them is hell…it really is.
  • Most men in general. India has a long way to go in terms of gender equality so observing and dealing with men can be annoying. This country can really benefit from more women in power or more women of influence.
  • Poverty. The last time I was in India was about 10 years ago. Things have definitely improved but it is still hard to deal with seeing extreme poverty on a daily basis and not feel like crap.
  • Indian newspapers. These things can be the most depressing things in the world. Each daily paper is full of gang rapes/rapes, murders, corruption, and other nightmares. Yes, there is the regular news too but no where in the world have I seen such a high amount of awful stories.
  • No line ups. Lining up is not a thing. It can be frustrating to finally get your turn at the bank or cell phone store and people budge in front or interrupt your transaction. Argh!

The Good:

  • Delhi has it all. This major metropolis is easy to live in in various ways. You can get what you want and need if you know where to look unlike many other places in the world where things just may not exist.
  • English. Compared to other parts of the world, and India, you can get by in English most of the time.
  • Food. Any kind of food at any time is yours to have-from western fast food to ethnic foods (although you will not get beef, of course). Food is also super delicious and cheap (and possibly more hygienic standards are followed due to gov’t changes and campaigns compared to other locations). Some other places in India have more limited options but here is dining delight.
  • Ice coffee. So good!
  • Service. India has some world class service I must say. Not everywhere, of course, but in places catering to visitors it is amazing.
  • Transportation systems. Yes there is mad traffic but there is no shortage of ways to travel from planes, trains, bikes, boats, UBER, camels and horses, taxis, to autos/rickshaws and mopeds. You can always get to where you want…eventually.
  • Cost of living. Okay so rent is sky high where I live and probably high elsewhere but the cost of living for everything else has been great. I am able to work and live here, live quite well, and save money.
  • Cheap travel and weekend getaways. There are plenty of amazing places to go see for weekend getaways. All have something interesting to offer.
  • Shopping. Am not a fan of shopping but if you are…you are in luck. There are all kinds of things to buy from western products, trinkets, to clothes and jewels.

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