July recap and August 2017 things to look forward to…


July was amazing. My pregnancy progressed well, work was exciting, I did a lot of local travelling and exploring, and my husband and sister were here to keep me company. We had wonderful meals and nights out all over India. I have been so occupied that I have not had time to write about all the adventures here so will have to try to do so another time. Already it is July 30th and time to write about what I look forward to in August. Here are a few things:

  • Home for a visit! Three weeks back in North America sounds like heaven right now. Am looking forward to my favourite food and meeting my favourite people.
  • Check in with a western doctor! This means I can finally find out the baby’s gender and get a real due date rather than a range. Plus since I still have my healthcare I can do all the necessary tests I have been holding off on.
  • Family wedding-this may be the last one in our immediate family so it will be very exciting and a great chance to see the whole family.
  • A nice climate. No more scorching weather outside and freezing ac inside! Ha ha ha.

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