June is over?! Plus July things to look forward to…


Where did the time go this June? I guess I have been busy this last while. Recently, my work has gotten more interesting which has been great. Plus, I have learned to schedule in one interesting thing or meeting-personal or professional-each day which keeps things moving. My job is still quite easy, though, but at least it is becoming enjoyable. I also finally connected with my dear friend that I mentioned in my June things to look forward to post as well. We had a few nice meals and chats-then she had to fly overseas for some job interviews. Since I last wrote, my husband also returned to join me here. While it has only been a few days, we have been keeping busy together. The other great news is that the monsoon time is here so the weather is much better.

Now that July is around the corner, time to create my things to look forward to post for July 2017:

  • Embassy celebrations! July is the month of Canada Day and Independence Day. As an expat with work that is connected to the government, I have been invited to the local balls etc. Should be an interesting experience!
  • Sister’s visit. Once of my sisters is visiting for all of July. We should have a fun month.
  • Domestic travel. This month I am doing quite a bit of travel for work and because of my sister’s visit. Will be great to see more of India.
  • Shopping. Been waiting for my sister but we hope to do some shopping for some family events in August.
  • Long weekends and busy work days. I saved up some banked time and holiday time for July which is great but also means when I do go to work, I should be busy as a bee.
  • Pregnancy progress. I am now past 5 months and can feel my little guy or gal move. Not too much of a baby bump yet but look forward to seeing what is next.
  • 6 year wedding anniversary. We will be celebrating this milestone on a beach I hope!

Am sure there will be many interesting things going on this month and will try to make time to write. If nothing else, my computer will sure to be full of great photos and memories 🙂


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