Solo birthday abroad…


My birthday has come and gone. I hit the milestone of 35 while abroad and pregnant. I thought I may feel a bit down and had a list of things I could do to keep me busy or spoil myself but it turned out alright. I slept in, had a bite to eat, chatted with some friends online, and then decided I should go do something fun. So, off I went to the market to see what India has to offer. I did not end up splurging on myself but did find a few nice gifts for others and a few special things for the baby. It was fun seeing all the products and haggling.

After that, I had worked up a nice appetite so took myself off to a fancy restaurant for some yummy food. I splurged on an appetizer and a main. By the end of the meal I was stuffed-especially since I ate the whole in-house-made bread basket. Everything was just delicious! Feeling tired afterwards, I decided to head home-where all kinds of well wishing emails, texts, and Facebook messages awaited me from afar (time zone differences!). It was nice.

As I sat in the restaurant alone-surrounded by couples, families, groups of business associates and friends, I have to say I felt very proud of myself. Here I was: a 35 year old, strong, independent, pregnant woman, with a bright and happy future ahead-who was comfortable asking for a table for one. I have wonderful friends and family but was comfortable in my own skin and confident. I have realized I really can take on anything and do anything and I need not worry. I felt empowered, strong, and confident. This feeling has stayed with me. I do not need anyone or anything. I can make it on my own.

But, all the good people and things in my life I appreciate from the bottom of my heart. I hope to move forward this year with that appreciation but also that knowledge that I will be okay and can stand on my own if need be. Life is good, life is beautiful, and I want to make the most of it. Even though I now hit the dreadful 35 (a truly serious number), I have to say life has never been more lovely. Who would have thought!? May everyone be as blessed and appreciative as I am!


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