Non-Invasive Prenatal Test Results…


On June 6th I wrote about doing my blood test for the NIPT test. This is the test that lets you know if your baby has a high chance of chromosomal defects and issues. The lab told me the result would be emailed in 10 days. Waiting is hard but I tried not to think of it. 10 days passed and nothing came. Another day passed as I thought maybe they meant ten days after the day following the test. I waited.

Then I grew a bit anxious and called them. They said they would call soon. They never did and the lab closed. The next day I called and they said my test result had not come in and to call the next day. I did. The next day they said they would call me back but did not so I called the following day.

I was told the doctor had the test results in her email and had not sent them. I asked for them to be forwarded to me soon as this test is quite an important one-and such waiting could make one anxious. Of course, they said! Then a short while later I got a call back. The woman on the other end told me not to worry and that the test is normal. I was happy but said I wanted to still get the full report. She asked me to send a text message to the doctor’s cell phone. I did and am still waiting but hoping normal means the risks are low.

Regardless, normal is a good sign. Am very happy with that at this point. Now, I am looking forward to hitting the pregnancy half way mark in just 4 days and decided I will make the announcement sometime this week-although I have already shared with the close family and friends.

**As of June 19 the doctor did not send me the report but said the results indicated that 99% of possible detectable abnormalities are reduced to less than 1% risk. Or at least that is what I think she meant!


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