Skin issues resolved!


I am so very happy. I do not have scabies after all. After writing my post a few days ago and freaking out, everything improved. Since then, I have used a heavy duty moisturizer after showering and an allergy cream in the itchier areas. By day two I improved 100%. I am so so so so glad!

The doctor did say it was one or the other (allergy or scabies) and I am glad, in my case, it was the much more tolerable issue. Not sure what I am allergic to but the next step will be to monitor myself and find out. Also if there are any flare ups I know what to do and still have some meds. I only took allergy tablets one day as I worried about their affect on the baby-even though the doctor said it would be okay at 18 weeks.

This issue really did get me feeling down. Here I am in a foreign country, alone (my husband took a quick trip to visit his family in Eastern Europe), pregnant, and feeling poorly. I literally wanted my mommy! I wondered what the hell I was doing here and why not just go home. However, as the issue resolved I felt much better. It is amazing how your mood can make you so negative. Hope this stage has passed. I definitely am feeling much more like myself.


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