Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing…


As you know, I have moved to India for work from North America and am pregnant. I wrote about my first visit to the Indian doctor and ultrasound already. It was during this first meeting that the doctor told me about non-invasive prenatal testing. She told me it was basically a blood test in which one could see if there are any chromosomal abnormalities detected. If so, another test needs to be done to confirm further. She said the test was expensive and up to me to decide to do or not. I am not too high risk as I am under 36 and do not really have a family history of issues. I read my insurance package and there are no clear guidelines as to if it is covered or not other than tests etc should be advised by the doctor and are needed/standard. This test is becoming increasingly standard and would have been done back home so I decided to go for it.

So, I booked another appointment with my doctor. This time I brought all my records from home. She reviewed them and said all seemed normal enough. She reviewed the ultrasound report as well and asked how I was. She then gave me a note to go do my test. It had to be done at a different lab. So, on the weekend, off I went.

This clinic was in another part of town but was nice enough-and full of pregnant women which was a good sign. I had to fill out some forms and then was told to wait in a chair. I was quickly weighed-but have not gained any weight since leaving home 5 weeks ago. I hope this is normal and will ask her next time. A medical technician soon came over and told me he would draw blood for three tests. These included the NIFTY test (the one that detects prenatal issues), a sugar/glucose test, and one other than I am not sure what it is for. The needle went in-my husband was filming it which was annoying so I was distracted by glaring at him-and soon three vials of red blood were full. I held a cotton swab to where the needle went in and then was given a bandage. I had to pay my bill and then was told my results would be emailed to me in ten days. I was glad to see the skin area was cleaned first and the technician wore gloves. Am a bit paranoid in India.

Now, it has been 4 days and I have tried not to think about it. Once in awhile the thoughts do come to mind but I have been pushing them away as I am not sure how I will feel if there are any issues or concerns. I am trying to focus on taking care of myself and treating myself well. I take my vitamins daily (as hard as it can be as they gross me out) and once in awhile take extra folic acid or iron pills. Both are within my vitamin so do not want to take too much.

I have not really been feeling pregnant at all lately other than the changing shape of my stomach area. I guess I should be glad it is smooth and calm. Tomorrow I will be 18 weeks. I look forward to each Thursday when my apps update with what is going on in the new week. In two weeks I will be half way. Exciting 🙂 For now, however, am just moving along with my regular life and letting things develop. The next big thing will be the test results. I hope all will be well.


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