I have not been writing this last while as I have been busy with my husband! He was finally able to join me-after what felt like super long three weeks-and it has been wonderful. This experience-up and moving away from him-has really made me realize that home is where he is. We can live anywhere in the world-this is our third country together-and can deal with all the changes and issues that come up…as long as we are together.

Being apart was really hard-even though it was really only three weeks and we have been apart longer due to his work. However, it was probably harder since we were not sure if he was coming for the first two and a half weeks! Being apart can be done-for us-but not for long periods of time. I realize that now. Next time any such opportunity comes up for an international move, I know for sure that we have to both be on board for the change right from the start and all will be well. 🙂


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