First trimester recap…


13 weeks have officially passed. More than that, actually, but in this post I want to focus on my first trimester. The first trimester is supposed to be the worst. Personally, I think I fared quite well compared to others (via baby app forums is what I am judging by). Many people seemed just miserable.

So at the very start, I first suspected I was pregnant due to no period. A few tests came back negative and I did not feel different so believed it and carried on with my life. However, more time went on with no period and a blood test and visit to the doctor confirmed I was pregnant after all. We thought I was 6 weeks in. Later, it turned out I was 4.5 at that time. I started taking pre-natal vitamins again and carried on but did not feel much different.

A few weeks later things were different. I noticed I had lower back pain and just felt different. Not much else went on. I worried why I was not feeling morning sickness as everyone else seemed to-some as early as four weeks-but I was also happy to skip it. The first thing that happened was a very heightened sense of smell.  This was strange but kind of cool. However, I knew something else-like morning sickness-would follow soon.

Then my next symptom was that I started to feel quite ill when I took my pre-natal vitamin in the morning. It made me want to hurl. My mom told me to smell a lemon immediately when I felt this way and it was like magic and worked. I decided I could not go on this way (for four days I suffered) and I switched to a vitamin that you take twice a day instead of all the usual ones that were once a day and I felt much better. I also HAD to eat regularly or I would feel any overall sick feeling.

After that change in vitamins I was fine. I gained a bit of weight, felt a bit bloated at times, felt a bit overall sick occasionally but not much else. There was a increase in discharge for sure and an increased need to urinate throughout the day and night but not by much. Once in a while I had diarrhea and tender breasts.

Development in the First Trimester!

Then in week 12 a new thing happened. Once in a while I felt as if I was on the brink of throwing up for no reason and not due to any trigger that I noticed. I did not even feel sick…just like I was dangerously close to vomiting. It was kinda like I was going to choke. I never did vomit or choke though and it passed after a few minutes and by the time week 13 started. Strange. The doctor said it is probably acid reflux.

I have had no food cravings or aversions to the usual stuff I eat so far. Am guessing this must come later? I did upgrade my pants to a size larger for comfort’s sake more than necessity. I also waited for some emotional swings but did not really have them yet. I did cry one night when I felt a bit sick and my husband responded by getting me McDonalds fries. I felt better after that. 🙂 This last 13th week I feel almost like myself again.

This is a basic summary of my first trimester. Not sure if it is the norm or not but I think I have had it pretty good. I also did a bunch of urine tests, a blood test, STD tests, and an ultrasound for dating and viability purposes. No issues detected but I did have a urinary infection. It was treated with antibiotics that were safe for pregnant women.

I think the next trimester is supposed to be the good one with overall better feelings and more information about the baby. I will be away from home for this one so am hoping it all goes smooth and well. Am also very excited I am about 33% through and then can meet our little human.


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