The truth shall set you free…


Everything just had to happen at once for me. I got my dream job (an overseas assignment) and became pregnant at the same time. I then had to decide whether or not I tell my new employers about the pregnancy. I was conflicted. I turned to friends and families. Got mixed answers. I turned to the internet. Got mixed answers. I knew it would be up to me and no one could guide me.

I thought about it for awhile and decided I needed to tell them before leaving for the overseas part of the job. It was awkward at first but I am glad I did it. They were very supportive-and a bit worried for me-but able to provide quite a bit of support and information. I was able to upgrade my insurance and take care of a few personal things before flying out. Now, in country, I do not have to worry about when to tell them and how to ensure related medical costs are covered by my insurance. Definitely a relief! I can just focus on my new position and my health instead.

This whole experience has made me realize that the truth really does set you free!


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