Flying is a necessary evil…


‘With this extreme turbulence, the meals really are in flight.’

When I was younger I kind of liked the whole airplane experience. It was fun. Now, I hate any flight over 3 hours and enjoy the time in the airports rather than the airplanes. I am looking forward to the days when we can travel Star Trek style and just be beamed here or there in an instant. Until then, however, flying is a necessary evil.

My new job will require me to fly a lot. Last month I already had to fly across the country for an interview and fly back the next afternoon (too soon…at least give me 24 hours in between!). For an orientation and some on-boarding, I flew again across the country but this time I cleverly booked in a long weekend so my husband and I could take a trip to Niagara Falls for a few days. Then we had to fly back of course-but at least had the few days in between. Having a travel partner as well makes everything so much better.

Every now and then, Doreen liked to see how many people were paying attention to her safety talk.

Just the other day I flew across the world to South Asia for my job. However, I took the option with a long stopover so I could get out of the airport, breathe some fresh air, have a shower and nap, some decent food, and return for the second half of the long ugly journey. I just cannot handle the direct 17-21 hour flights like I used to be able to. Being pregnant now, I also was weary of blood clots so booked an aisle seat so I could walk about every once in awhile but also worried about sleeping. It was okay though since I did a lot of seat exercises and walking to the bathroom (and doing some exercises in there as well!).

My other tricks to get through are, of course, to use the onboard entertainment system (games, movies, in flight progress map that have come such a long way compared to how they used to be!) but my ears start hurting using my earphones so in between I read a book or do some writing as well. Doing different things seems to make it easier and more tolerable. I also bring along my own snacks and food since the airplane food just does not do it for me. Anyway, it was all still awful but I am done with it now and can relax. Time to focus on the destination!


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