May 2017: Things to look forward to…


May will be an adventure this year! It will definitely be full of changes and like no other May I have experienced in the past. Here is what I am looking forward to this month:

  • Starting my new job! The first week of May I am flying out to officially start my new job. I will have to find my new office, meet my new team, and see what this job is all about! Hopefully it will be great but if not…maternity leave will be cutting it short ha ha ha 🙂
  • Finalizing where I will live. I rented a flat I found online-and seems good so far-for a couple of weeks to check out and if all goes well, it will be my new home for, likely, the rest of 2017.
  • Checking out my new neighbourhood and new city! There will be a lot to see and do and learn. I will have to get a new phone, get a new bank, and find my local grocery store etc. Maybe I can even have some fun on the weekends. We will see.
  • Connecting with my BFF who is currently living in India as well. I usually only see her for a couple of days when she comes to visit her parents every other year so it will be great to reconnect with her.
  • Getting through May, which is usually the hottest month of the year, so the rest of the year will only get better (or so I hope).
  • Finding my permanent doctor and learning more about the baby (I think, anyway, or maybe it will still be too early).
  • Finishing up the first trimester, which is supposed to be the worst, and moving on to the allegedly best second trimester.
  • Any and all other exciting discoveries yet to come.

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