Four day long weekend bliss…


Today is Easter Monday. It is also the last day of a four day long weekend and I thought I better dedicate some time to updating this blog. Well, in the last while, I have been working like mad at work to wrap things up at work-I am almost done-just a few things to do today from home so my last day tomorrow will be a final handover, a goodbye lunch, and any other leftover things. My staff already threw me a goodbye party at work which was very moving as a few people made some emotional speeches. I was surprised at how upset everyone was I am leaving (but also happy for my new opportunity). I guess I had a much larger impact at the place than I realized. I am definitely walking away partly wishing I could stay (as I love the people and work) but also excited for the future. A good place to be, I think.

In the last while I have also been enjoying many lunches, coffees, and dinners with friends, family, and colleagues who want to connect before I leave. It to has been a bit exhausting at times but also a great chance to enjoy my favourite restaurants. I am not too worried about disconnecting from friends as social media and my return in August will allow me to stay in regular touch with them. I think some may even come out for a visit! How great would that be!

I have also managed to get my employment visa from the embassy (oh the paperwork!), fit in some visits with the doctor, shop for shoes and undergarments (that will hold me over until I can come back in August and buy maternity wear), book everything for our trip to Niagara Falls, get a new laptop, spend time researching the implications of having a baby abroad, purchase new luggage, help my husband finish up some small renovations in our place after a plumbing issue was fixed, apartment hunt a bit online since the accommodation where the last person in my new job was staying is now no longer available, and just spend some time enjoying life despite the whirlwind.

This four day long weekend sure did help me take a moment to breathe (and accomplish all sorts of things!). This and our short trip to Niagara will really be my last vacation until the baby comes (which is no vacation!). No matter what I realize you have to enjoy every moment of life while you are in it. Everything can change so fast and while change is good, you do not want to look back and realize you were not living life to the fullest. It will be strange to have a baby and move into a whole other lifestyle and stage of life. Gotta enjoy these last child-free months while I can!


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