Upcoming Trip to the Honeymoon Capital of North America…


All my last few posts have been about work or baby. These two things are consuming all my time and thoughts for obvious reasons. Baby is the first one and everything is new and strange. Work means wrapping up things at my old job and preparing for my new one (and juggling  both!). In between I am trying to fit in social visits with everyone who suddenly wants to see me. This leaves me little time for my dear husband. So, we decided we would take a little trip-just the two of us-before I start my new job and move away.

Since I need to be in the general region anyway for some work events, my husband and I decided to have him come along with me and make a trip to the alleged Honeymoon Capital of North America-Niagara Falls! Neither of us have never been there and we both love natural attractions so decided to check it out! It does seems like something every North American should do, after all. So, after my work obligations are wrapped up, we will be going to Toronto and then renting a car and make the hour and a half drive out. Everyone says the Canadian side of the falls is much better than the US side.

I have done some basic Google searching for things to do (none of them were all that romantic and it seems super crowded in the summer so glad we are not going then). I know we just have to take the Maid of the Mist boat ride near the falls to get that amazing view and that there are tons of Groupons that I need to sort through that include all sorts of hotel packages which will be nice. Since it is such a tourist attraction, there will be plenty of other fun things to do, I am sure, although they seem to be mostly for families with kids.

I still have a few weeks to sort it out but am already looking forward to it and spending some quality time with my wonderful spouse…although I doubt Niagara Falls is all that romantic. I guess we will see! How fun will this be?!


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