First trimester delayed!


This week I saw the doctor and got the results of all my pregnancy tests. The blood work was fine but I did have an infection for which I now have to take antibiotics. The doctor said it is not serious and very common. She confirmed all my STD tests were clear and all looked well overall. However, the ultrasound revealed I was not quite as pregnant as I thought and am actually a week and a half earlier than I thought I was according to the last menstrual period. So, my due date has been changed from late October to early November (still a Scorpio unfortunately-haha).

I thought I was going to hit 11 weeks this Saturday but turns out I am 9 weeks today. That means 4 more weeks of the first trimester. I thought my 8.5 weeks (which was really 7 weeks) was the peak of the bad feelings but most people online say it is around 9 weeks and starts subsiding around 11-12 weeks. I sure hope not as I thought I was almost past that time period but now am right back there again. The good news is that, right now, I am feeling pretty good for the most part. Hope it continues!

In other news, this past weekend my sister treated out me, my mother, and other sister to a spa day at a very fancy high end spa. I was booked into a pregnancy massage which was very nice and relaxing. I cannot imagine going to such a massage heavily pregnant, though, even with all the pillows. I guess we will see. Anyway, off to work!


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