Dream job part three…


As you may know from some of my recent posts, I have been trying to land my dream job. So far, I have been shortlisted and asked to do a test. This is where my last post left off. Since then, I was informed I had been further shortlisted and was to have an interview online. About a week later, I did the panel interview. The first two questions totally threw me off! They were heavy duty. The second one made me think I had no hope but I bumbled through and managed to say something. However, after that, it was much easier, despite an on the spot awkward role play, and I even had the panel laughing. They asked me to send my references just in case and if I am the successful candidate they will let me know. I ended the interview feeling positive but still unsure.

Later that day, I went to work and my reference barged into my office with a smile and informed me they had called her and she gave me a glowing reference. I was over the moon! I checked my email at the end of the day and had gotten an email inviting me to the nation’s capital city for a second interview/meet and greet with the organization’s vice president. A short while later they booked my flight and arranged for my hotel room. I was pretty confident at this point…until they mentioned they had other people coming to a second interview as well.

I took the long flight (since I live on the west coast and the capital is way across the country!) and after ordering pizza, watching a wilderness survival show, chatting with my husband, and taking a scalding shower, I crashed. The next morning I made my way to their very impressive offices and had the interview. It was basically an in depth conversation or thorough grilling with the vice president and two senior managers. I felt a bit thrown off again by the first question or two but made my way through them and soon felt much more comfortable. The manager who will be my future boss then took me out for lunch and a coffee. We spoke very candidly about the post and the country it is located in as she herself worked in South Asia for 8 years. I then grabbed a taxi and headed off to the airport. The flights there and back were painful but this time I had an aisle seat and, fearing deep vein thrombosis, did a lot of moving about in between watching episodes of HBO’s Divorce (hilarious show by the way!).

By the time I got home, I had received a phone message with a verbal offer! Of course, I have been having mixed feelings about this job as I am pregnant (timing just never seems to work in my favour in my life!!). On one hand I am very excited as this is very close to my dream job and I had to compete nationwide to get it-and I did! On the other hand, I am pregnant and worry about starting a new job-especially one at such a high level and one that is overseas in a challenging country. I grappled with what to do for some time over these last few weeks but have decided I am going to move forward with the position. I fairly competed for this job and should not deny myself the opportunity due to a pregnancy. No man would be in this situation and are women not supposed to be treated fairly despite being pregnant? Should they not have every opportunity as well? I believe so…so why was I beating myself up about it? I decided I can stay in the job until I need a maternity leave and hopefully come back to the role-it is a regular position but the contract is one year at a time so not sure of my rights. Either way, I will regret it always if I do not take the job and worst case I will just have to find something new if I am not retained. This is part of life and work. Why should I not deserve having a baby and this job if I have worked hard for both?

So, there it is. I have since accepted the job and we are in the process of sorting out the details. By mid-late April I will be in the role but also be about 12-13 weeks pregnant. My doctor and others suggest waiting until at least week 13 to disclose the pregnancy. I felt a bit awkward about that and want to tell the new employer right away-or at least before I fly-so am still humming and hawing about that. There are all kinds of perspectives and opinions on when to share this type of news-especially with a new employer-but I have not come to a conclusion as to what works best for me in my situation. Am still thinking about that one…


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