April 2017: Goals and things to look forward to…


I started listing goals and things to look forward to in these month opening posts. However, I am going to do away with the goals for now as my life has taken a major turn these last few weeks due to the pregnancy and new job and just focus on things to look forward to. April is very special this year as this will be my last month in my beloved country for a while and there will be a lot going on. Here is what I have to look forward to:

  • Spa day! My dear sister is treating my other sisters, mom, and I to a high end spa day to celebrate my pregnancy. Am looking forward to that special pregnancy massage-even though it seems a bit early!
  • Sunshine-March was a bit of a downer in the weather department. I hope to enjoy some gorgeous weather this month before heading off to the tropics.
  • Wrapping up my work. This is a bittersweet one as I am leaving a job I really enjoyed these last 4.5 years but moving on to an exciting adventure. Getting all the work done will be nice, give me some closure, and let me leave everything in good order but getting it done within three weeks will be a bit high pressure!
  • Sister’s party. My other sister has purchased and moved into her new place so will be hosting a special party in a few weeks.
  • Going away dinners, lunches, and coffees. I have a lot of people to see and meet before going. I think it will be a very social time.
  • Shopping and packing and preparing. I think I will be spending a lot of time buying all I need for this big move.  Not sure if I am looking forward to that as I hate shopping but it will be necessary and impact my life for the next year or so.
  • Finishing the first trimester. This trimester was totally fine for the first 8.5 weeks. Then it was bad for half a week. Then it seemed to get better but still has not been fun. Am hoping this month will wrap up all the ickiness.
  • Flying off to my new job and life! I will be flying all the way across the world to start my new position and life in South Asia. Looking forward to the adventures of my first week there.

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