The first ultrasound and more…


Since I wrote my last post, my morning sickness has subsided. Thank goodness. I had four days of hell (mostly over the weekend luckily) but I learned how to manage it. First, I changed my pre-natal vitamin from one that you take once a day to one that you take twice a day as I felt most ill after taking it. I think this had a huge impact. Next, I make sure to eat regularly. This seems to play a huge role. If I let myself go too long without eating, I feel awful. This is the case even if I am not hungry. So, I just eat something small all day and it seems to work. Anything is worth it to not have to deal with that sick feeling. I also try to drink water regularly but not too much at once or I feel ill again. I ordered some well reviewed morning sickness tea on Amazon but it has not arrived yet and I may not need it after all. However, since there is still quite some time left before this first trimester is over, I want to keep it on hand…just in case.

Anyway, I also had my first ultrasound this past week. I was 9 weeks by then and it was not really all that exciting since the technician does not tell you much and you have to wait to see your doctor for the result (which I will be doing in a few days). She did share that there is just one child (no twins, thankfully!) and that there is a heartbeat within the normal range of beats per minute. She showed me some fluttering on the screen but we could not hear it. I do not think the doctor will tell me much more either other than confirming the due date. I am glad all seems generally well though as I was worried.

I have been plugging away at work this week and by the time I have dinner and a few hours at home, I am exhausted. I have fallen asleep on the couch 3 times this week. I also went to a maternity store but could not imagine wearing the clothes there. Luckily they have a fake bump you can try on to help you which really does put your clothes into perspective but it was too early yet for me to want to buy anything. I have not gained much weight but my pants have been feeling a bit tight so I bought a larger size this week and feel much more comfortable. I think they will get me through the next month or two.

My husband and I have only shared our news with our immediate family and a few friends as it is still early. We will be at 10 weeks tomorrow. 25% through the 40 weeks. I have to admit I am a bit scared of the remaining 75% in many ways but try not to think of all that yet. Just one day at a time for now…


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