Morning sickness lasts all day?


Life has been a whirlwind this last while…as usual. The good news is that I have been feeling quite well…until today. Today I felt awful most of the day. I felt as if I was on a boat all day and suffering from sea sickness (or at least this is the case based on imagining what sea sickness feels like since I have not experienced it). I did not vomit or have an intense churning stomach but just an ongoing all day unsettled feeling. It was almost like being hung over and just feeling ICK…with a slow simmering suffering feeling (food even helped at times but only for half an hour or so).

I am not sure if I will feel like this tomorrow but I sure hope not! I fear that this is “morning” sickness. So far, these last 8.5 weeks I have not had any and I was even a bit worried about that as others were saying that theirs started between 4-6 weeks for the most part. Anyway, it could be an off day or I could have some other bug but if this is morning sickness then I really wish I could go back to being worried about not having it! It is awful. It lasts all day. Why is it even called “morning” sickness? I think I could handle it if its wrapped up by noon on a daily basis but all day every day for 4-6 more weeks (or longer!) is scaring me!

I guess I will see what happens and hope for the best for the next week. Luckily, I will be seeing my doctor early next week. Perhaps there is something that can help with this. Other than that, I have been feeling great with no other symptoms other than the superman like heightened sense of smell that kicked in a few days ago. It was odd when it first happened. I complained about a weird smell in the office that no one else noticed. I could smell the spices on the flavoured peanuts my husband was eating. I could detect all kinds of strange things. It did not bother me but I think it should have been a sign the morning sickness is coming. In other news, I am very excited to have my first ultrasound next week. By then it will be 9 weeks in so I think I will have my due date confirmed and hear the first heart beat etc. Crazy. For now, however, I plan to spend this week working like mad and catching up on things. Am very behind at work


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