Date night…


Earlier this month I wrote my list of things to look forward to. One was my mom’s birthday. She was out of town on a trip with my sister so we did not really celebrate. We just gave her a gift when she came back. Another item was enjoying better weather. This did not come as it has been wet snow and rain on a regular basis. Next was International Women’s Day. Since my husband is from a former Soviet country, it is a big deal and I was expecting a nice day out. However, he was out of town and we just never got around to it since so many other things were going on. The things to look forward to did not really unfold as expected except our fancy date night in the city for my husband’s birthday.

We had the perfect day. We got up late, had brunch at home, and then drove out to the city. We first went to a cool 4D nature show at the convention centre which my husband loved. Basically it made you feel as if you were on a roller coaster as you zipped around mountains, oceans, and plains. Then we had some drinks at a lounge with my sister and her friend followed by a nice fancy Italian dinner. The bread impressed my husband! Finally, we headed off to a concert at a beautiful venue. The artist is a singer who is very popular in the former Soviet Union. He had a few opening acts which we did not know so we had to wait a time for him to arrive but when he did we had a blast at the concert even though it started late. We were tired but happy when we finally checked into our fancy hotel which we had no time to enjoy as we showered and were in bed shortly after. It was a wonderful date day though and made me realize we need to make more time for such things.


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